I spent last week working hard on a project

Giving it my all, hoped it would work,

Little did I know, it was going to get rejected

‘I’ was rejected

Am I not worth anything?

Is this harsh rejection all I deserve?

Feelings of worthlessness and shame crept in

Spent all nights thinking and over thinking

Drew a conclusion that I am imperfect and decided never to share my ideas again

Only if I had realised –

My worth is not my project

I am not my idea

My value is much more than what could be defined by someone’s opinions….

I wish someone had told me

“Innovation is killed by shame”

©Vrunda Chauk



Who doesn’t know Gary?! He’s been a motivational figure for youngsters who are trying to build their business online. He’s also a go-to source of motivation for many people.

He’s a entrepreneur. He talks about how to grow business on social media, how to build a personal brand, how to basically use social media to your advantage.

He has aced the game with Vayner media and his popularity is just growing with more people getting into Vaynernation.

The way he talks, the “hustle hard vibe” that he radiates is just so inspiring!

Whenever I feel like procrastinating all I need is one video of Gary Vee and I’m back to work. He always encourages me and many others to work hard.

He cares.

This is what I like most about Gary. He understands what it means to be grateful, optimistic and kind. He doesn’t make it sound like some boring philosophical stuff. He has actually practiced it and knows it’s importance. He doesn’t shy away from telling the truth.

He is empathetic. He understands what his community wants and what it needs.

He always strives to help people. Help them become better and achieve their goals.

Andddd he’s so pumped up! Like every time you see him.. he’s always on the go.

He’s honestly a great entrepreneur!

I think it’s the first time some entrepreneur is talking so fiercely about kindness, gratitude, optimism, vulnerability and stuff.

We love you Gary!

Among many things, thank you, for making gratitude, kindness, empathy seem cool again!

The real “secret” about Law of Attraction

Let me begin by sharing what actually the law of attraction means –

Law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring about positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

Many people try to manifest everything they want into their lives by using this law.

Some of them think you should just have positive thoughts and think about everything you want as if you already have it and it will be granted.

But is just thinking about it enough?

Picture this –

You are really hungry. You want to eat pizza at night. You are imagining you have pizza, with lots of cheese, it’s all yours, you are taking the first bite, then the second… You are so happy!

Can just thinking this way fill your belly?


So what do you do?

You at least have to get up from your couch and pick up the phone and order pizza!


Is just “thinking about it enough?”

One more thing – Law of attraction asks you to truly believe in what you want. It asks you to completely believe it’s yours. You have it.

So for example –

Let’s say you want a promotion next month.

You are more likely to believe that you will have it when you’re actually working hard and making progress.

You won’t believe you’ll have promotion if you were on leave for 10 days last month.

You are more likely to believe in your wish and attract stuff when you are actually working towards it.

Just believing without doing something is like saying –

“I know I have built a finance firm, it’s a great company and I am the CEO…..”

Without knowing a single thing about running a big company.

Use your logic at times my friends.

I don’t have anything against Law of attraction. I think it’s great. It really works. But you have to move along with your vibes.

I think actions and beliefs go hand in hand. The better you act, the stronger is your belief that you will have it. And the stronger your belief, the better you will act.

For example –

You say – “Taylor Swift is the best pop singer in the world! She’s so amazing, I love her….. (your belief)

But I don’t listen to her songs” (your action)

Such contradiction won’t happen right?😄

This is something I’ve learnt about the law of attraction.

Moral of the story – Don’t use Law of attraction as an excuse to avoid work. You have to put your work where your mouth is.

And I say this again

(this is the real secret) –

The stronger you believe in your dreams, the harder you will work.

That’s just something I’ve seen in my life.

Hope this was helpful guys!

It’s just my perspective about this topic. Yours may be different and that’s okay.

I’d love to hear your views on this topic.

Thank you for being here!❤️

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