The Happiness Quiz

Let’s see how much you know about what makes you happy –

1. What is the one most important factor of sustainable happiness?

A. Enough Money

B. Positive relationships with friends and family

C. Success Rate

D. Age and Beauty





Right answer – B. Positive relationships with friends and family

80 year long study done by Harvard found that the most important predictor of happiness and wellbeing was the quality of our relationships.

2. Money makes you happy when –

A. Spent on shopping luxury items

B. Spent on purchasing the luxury car you always wanted to have

C. Spent on a trip with family and friends

D. All of the above





Okay so this answer is pretty much subjective.

But research has found that “Happiness is derived from spending money to foster relationships with family and friends, enhance our competence on a skill of hobby, gain autonomy”

Right answer – C. Spent on a trip with family and friends

3. Wellbeing is the result of pursuing goals that –

A. Make you rich

B. Make you famous

C. You set becuase of social pressure

D. Resonate with your true self and give your life meaning





Right answer – D. Resonate with your true self and give your life meaning

Cantor and Sanderson (1999) reported that wellbeing was lowered when people sought relatively self centred goals related to physical attractiveness, fame and wealth.

4. Which of the following interventions can produce a long term increase in your levels of wellbeing?

A. Gratitude. Remembering Three Good Things that happened each day

B. Optimism. Writing about your Best Possible Self

C. Strengths. Using signature strengths in new and different ways for a week.


Right answer – A. Gratitude. Remembering Three Good Things that happened each day

Martin Seligman and his colleagues tested interventions to see which had a lasting impact on wellbeing.

Three Good Things exercise led to increase in wellbeing levels for even after 6 months.

Then was Using Signature strengths in a new and different way for a week

The Best Possible Self intervention produced largest immediate increase in wellbeing followed by gratitude exercise.

5. One heated argument or negative, hurtful comments can erase how many of positive acts ?

A. 5

B. 1

C. 10

D. 20




Right answer – D. 20

Research has found that one cruel and thoughtless act or comment can wipe out entire month of affection and tenderness

6. Happiness leads to Success.

True or False.





Right Answer – True.

Sonja Lyubomirsky and her colleagues found that Happiness is not just a result of success, but also an important cause.

7. Which of the following activity can instantly give you significant boost of happiness?

A. Shopping

B. Helping someone

C. Playing games

D. Reading





Right answer – B. Helping someone

When Martin Seligman was asked about what should patients in depression do that can make them happy instantly he said “go and find someone who needs you help and help them”

8. Which of the following can you continue to do everyday to be happy?

A. Plan your activities in the day, Choose freely what you want to do

B. Get your chores done and complete the work you were assigned

C. Go to the party because all your friends are going

D. None of the above





Right answer – A. Plan your activities in the day, Choose freely what you want to do

Research found that – Autonomy or the freedom to choose things you want to do, was highly correlated with wellbeing.

I really hope you enjoyed this Quiz.

I have tried my best to inform you about all the facts and findings of research through this quiz. All the information was taken from the book Positive Psychology. The science of Happiness and Flourishing. By William Compton and Edward Hoffman.

Please let me know your feedback. What did you like, what you didn’t. What would you like to know more about

All your thoughts are welcome! ❤️

Miraculous fun

All these days

Calling her “just a friend”

All these years

Hiding my true self

All that time

Never really knowing

Just how blind

we’ve been



Image credit – Pinterest

Blinded love

oh yes,

you might’ve had issues

but I did not notice them

for you shine so bright

with kindness and love

that everything else

seems trivial


Does this make sense?

Have you heard this story before?

If you have coffee in your cup and someone comes along and shakes you, you spill coffee everywhere.

Why is that?

– Because someone bumped into me!

Wrong answer.

Because you had coffee in your cup.

Had it been tea, you would have spilled tea

*whatever is inside the cup, is what will spill out

Similarly when life shakes you, whatever is inside you will spill out.

So the question you need to ask yourself is – What is inside my cup?

Are you filling yourself with love, joy, kindness

Or Anger and bitterness?

Does this analogy make sense to you?

It does not make any sense whatsoever to me.

I mean I get the message, be good and kind.

But the analogy isn’t correct.

When life shakes you it’s not as simple as shaking a cup of coffee. When life shakes you, when bad things happen, it’s like an avalanche of emotions.

All emotions get stirred up.

(It’s like samudra manthan if you know that story….)

And no matter how much you fill yourself with happiness and joy, when bad things happen negative emotions are the MOST logical reaction of any human being.

And overcoming stressful situations, heartbreaks takes nothing but effort.

You need effort to get back up, some days even getting out of the bed needs courage.

It’s not rainbows and sunshine all the time.

But you also need to remember,

this too shall pass

and you will be okay

I want to give

I want to show you beauty. I want to give you love. I want to give you pieces of mine that you will hold close to your heart at times of difficulty, just to remember my warmth.

I want to give you hope that you will turn out to be the gentleman you always wanted to be. You will be the change and not follow patriarchy. You will be loving and kind and spread family values as you always wanted. You will be a example for others to follow.

I want to offer you a safe space, where you go to when this world seems cruel and it feels like you can’t take it anymore. I want to hold your hand and sit with you through the pain.

I want to love you with all my heart and take care of that beautiful soul of yours. I want to be sunshine for you when the clouds are dark. I want to be gentle rain for you during the scorching heat of the afternoon. I want to be the butterflies that dance around you when you are happy.

I want to be your friend and your biggest fan, someone you can count on when you feel like you’ve had enough. And when you feel like you can’t go on anymore I want to be the wall that you lean against as you sit with face covered in palms. I want to be the same wall that helps you get up and carry on.

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