In one word this book is – wisdom

There aren’t many times when you stumble upon a fantastic book like this one.

When I picked up “Positivity” it was just a part of my positive psychology syllabus.

I had to “study” the book.

But since I started reading it I realised it’s more than that – this book is pure wisdom.

I am so overwhelmed and in awe with this book and this groundbreaking research of Barbara Fredrickson that if someone asks me to describe this book in one sentence I’d say – simply put, it’s the soul of positive psychology.

It is basically about everything I have learnt in positive psychology so far. Maybe the most important research in this field is the one done my Barbara Fredrickson and in this book she explains her broaden and build theory in detail and towards the end she also tells practical ways to create Flourishing in your own life.

The solution of all or at least most of your problems is in this book. It is in positive emotions. It’s about Flourishing. How to cultivate more positivity in your life and what are the benefits of doing so.

If you sincerely want to change your habits, your thinking, do read this book.

It could be a life saver for you.

I was so happy and thrilled even reading the book that I can’t wait to apply those principles in my own life and notice the change.

This book is filled with data and scientific proofs that “broaden and build” theory of positive emotions works. It’s not mumbo jumbo. It’s science and based on evidence from decades of research.

But it is also more than that. It is filled with stories. Before and after heart touching transformations that make you understand, how positivity affects your life.

And how you too can create more positive emotions and Flourish in your life.

Towards the end she has given some practical actions and advice that will help you become more happy and resilient.

What I like most about Barbara Fredrickson is that she does not seem to be biased in any way. Just because “positivity” is the common buzzword she has not given it unnecessary importance.

She speaks from her research findings and heart warming stories she has seen in real life.

If you are going through a rough patch make sure to at least give this book and her advice a try.

Maybe you will be telling your transformation story soon like many others who did earlier.

I’ve come to think of positivity as that flapping of the butterfly’s wing. Like the fluttering butterfly, positivity can produce astonishingly disproportionate outcomes. How else might today’s subtle and fleeting heartfelt sense of goodness launch a positivity cascade that reshapes the very course of your life and forecasts how long you live?

– Barbara Fredrickson

One thought on “In one word this book is – wisdom

  1. It’s True Happy Is Free

    Butterfly Wings

    In Eden





    Many Will
    Lose the Fear
    Discard All Cultural

    Clothes Spoon Fed

    From Birth Even Words

    Fly Free Naked With

    Butterfly Wings



    Even A Word

    Does it Sound Like

    Fun in A Word Yes!

    With Naked Smiles WeaRinG No Fears

    oF All Layers of CuLTuRaL Clothes

    Spoon Fed

    From Birth


    To Play

    Play To Eat And Sleep

    It’s What All Animals

    Free Do With A



    From Their ‘FRiEnDS’…

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

    None of the Books

    Helped me




    Teaches me

    This Lesson Within..

    It’s Worth Noting i read

    20 Times Faster Than the

    Average Human A Savant

    Skill of My Autism Spectrum

    Condition And The Truth is

    Most of the



    Read only

    Blocked the

    Stair Way to Heaven

    Within so one day

    i Decided to Dance

    And Sing Free Yes

    With No Clothes

    of Rules

    Now i Am Truly Free i Play i Play ‘Naked’

    Just Bliss Just BliSS ETeRNaLLY NoW Free…

    And to Be Crystal Clear Playing Naked Now

    with Clothes on too is Imperfectly ‘Perfectly’ Okay True…

    For Not Everyone Lives Deep in the Forest ‘Pan’ Free..:)

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