sometimes when you’re ready to do everything
life doesn’t ask you to do everything
it just asks you to let go…

Princes like you

Maybe princes like you
Deserve to marry princesses
Not someone like me
Real princess
Someone who is perfect in every way
Who has everything your family needs,
You need.. Someone who’s shoe fits in perfectly

Maybe love doesn’t gurantee marriage
These are different things
You can love someone with all your heart and soul
But thats not enough
Life is more complex
Than it seems
Sometimes you get everything you dream of
You get moments of happiness and bliss
You get to taste the essence of pure love
And then as suddenly as it came
You realise it’s over
You cannot be together anymore
It hurts
It breaks you apart
You ask yourself –
“Where did i go wrong?”
Sometimes it’s not you darling,
It’s destiny
Who has different plans for you
But still the heart fails to understand
The reason for pain it has to suffer
So you keep telling yourself
Maybe princes like him
Deserve to marry princesses”

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