Okay I study +ve psychology but…..

Okay I admit it

I study positive psychology

But I can be very negative sometimes…

(Tbh positive psychology encourages you to feel all emotions… But let’s play along)

So today

When I was being negative without any reason… just mood shift

My sister said – When life gives you lemons… You’re supposed to make a tasty lemonade and drink!!!

I said..

“No no girl… When life gives me lemons….

I take it

I sniff it

I cut it

I taste it

I make a wound

And rub that lemon on the wound

And feel all the pain

And then with a dash of positivity

I flush it down the sink”

Who can relate?


How can you expect me
To forget you
To carry on with my life
When you were the one
Who taught me the real meaning
Of being alive

no drama

Before I met you

I was prepared

For every possible struggle

Little did I knew

This time it was going to be

As effortless as breathing



This is the reason you are not happy

I remember the time when I went on my first date with my boyfriend.

It was a beautiful rooftop restaurant with delicious food and pleasant music.

I was happy. Of course.

But the thing is that we are in a long distance relationship and don’t see eachother often, so on this date I was worried about how I am looking and what should I be talking about… I was clearly nervous and self conscious.

maybe I should sit with my legs crossed.. and what to do with my hands.. and how am I looking? Should I go for a quick touchup? What should I talk about? Am I laughing too loud.. what will he think about me

I was so busy with this “inner chatter” that I feel bad that I didn’t enjoy the moment to the fullest.

There are many things that would have been much better if I could just be in the moment and take it all in.

I really regret not enjoying that date because after that we couldn’t meet for eight months.

I really wanted to enjoy that date

I was planning for weeks!

I am so in love with this man and I wanted everything to be perfect

But in the hurry and flurry of making everything perfect I forgot to enjoy things as they were

I was so busy thinking about other stuff, about planning the next move and interpreting what he was thinking that I didn’t really pay attention to our conversations and I couldn’t recall the songs we heard the next day.

I felt so bad for messing up that beautiful moment and not really enjoying what was in front of me.

Doesn’t this happen most of the time?

I mean not like we messup every date

But like we’re constantly having this endless inner chatter in our mind!

We constantly keep thinking about things of how they could be or should be instead of accepting wholeheartedly and enjoying the way they are.

Maybe this is the key of happiness. It’s not even much about finding or creating the happy moments it’s just about being open.

Being open and let happiness unfold itself.

Being open and enjoying all the little things in day to day life that make you happy.

Being open to the fact that happiness/ pleasant moments are fleeting but it’s okay.

Being open to the fact that you can also create as many happy and positive moments as you want in your life.

Being open to find happiness and joy even in the most unexpected ways (mundane things for example)

Being open and thinking that even if things don’t go according to plan what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll laugh and think back on this memory years later with a smile on your face.

Whether or not you experience positivity depends vitally on how you think. Positive emotions – like all emotions – arise from how you interpret events and ideas as they unfold. They depend on whether you allow yourself to take a moment to find the good – and on whether once you have found it, you pump that goodness up and let it grow.

– Barbara Fredrickson

Also there’s this another interesting quote I found by her.

If you want to reshape your life for the better, the secret is not to grasp positivity too firmly, denying it’s transient nature. Rather it’s to send more of it into your life – to increase your quantity of positivity over time.

– Barbara Fredrickson

Reading this quote made think about this incident. And I forgave myself for not enjoying that one date and moving forward to create even better memories together.

Positive emotions are fleeting and we need to stop trying to hold on to them but to be open and let them flow. Try to increase positive experiences.

And be mindful in that moment when you see sparks of positivity and happiness.

Enchanting love

I saw love

Like a firefly

Moving swiftly through the wilderness

I was enchanted by its beauty

For I had never seen something

So pure so beautiful

In my entire life

I was engulfed by a strong desire

I wanted to hold it

Gently in my plams

Look at it lovingly

Nourish it with my love and care

I was so blinded by its beauty

That I didn’t notice the path of thorns

Under my feet

I didn’t think for a moment

I started walking on those thorns

And I was bleeding

With pain that shattered my heart into a million pieces

But strangely

After a while

I didn’t feel it

For my heart was full with nothing but love

And compassion and kindness

Slowly I was transformed

Into a more beautiful person

Inside out

When I reached the other end

And found love

I held it close to my heart and said

“I could walk through the thorny path over and over if it leads me to you”

© Vrunda Chauk

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