Hi there! thank you for coming to my profile 🙂
A little about me –
I am currently studying Positive Psychology. I have always been fascinated by self help books and how-to-improve questions. When I got to know about positive psychology, it seemed like perfect fit. I was from psychology background (BA in psychology) and was eager to learn more about this concept.

Studying Positive Psychology has helped me mature and develop in many ways, even when I share these researches with my friends, they wish they knew this before. And we all agree Positive Psychology is the need of the hour.

I want to spread the message, knowledge of Positive Psychology to as many people as possible, because I know how much they might need it. Reading heart warming responses of people after practicing Positive Psychology Interventions makes me feel like I’m on the right track and there is longg way to go.

Fun Fact – I am also a BIG fan of Disney!

Let’s connect, would like to know more about you and your dreams 🙂 

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