Who doesn’t know Gary?! He’s been a motivational figure for youngsters who are trying to build their business online. He’s also a go-to source of motivation for many people.

He’s a entrepreneur. He talks about how to grow business on social media, how to build a personal brand, how to basically use social media to your advantage.

He has aced the game with Vayner media and his popularity is just growing with more people getting into Vaynernation.

The way he talks, the “hustle hard vibe” that he radiates is just so inspiring!

Whenever I feel like procrastinating all I need is one video of Gary Vee and I’m back to work. He always encourages me and many others to work hard.

He cares.

This is what I like most about Gary. He understands what it means to be grateful, optimistic and kind. He doesn’t make it sound like some boring philosophical stuff. He has actually practiced it and knows it’s importance. He doesn’t shy away from telling the truth.

He is empathetic. He understands what his community wants and what it needs.

He always strives to help people. Help them become better and achieve their goals.

Andddd he’s so pumped up! Like every time you see him.. he’s always on the go.

He’s honestly a great entrepreneur!

I think it’s the first time some entrepreneur is talking so fiercely about kindness, gratitude, optimism, vulnerability and stuff.

We love you Gary!

Among many things, thank you, for making gratitude, kindness, empathy seem cool again!

21 thoughts on “#GaryVee

    1. Seriously! He lives by his words. It’s the first time I’ve heard any entrepreneur speak so fiercely about kindness and empathy. Do check out his videos. He’s like the coolest entrepreneur!


  1. Gary is quite inspirational. He is a great speaker, but also, he can back up what he says with his success. The thing I like is that he simplifies may ideas that we make complicated. Simply put, do what you want to do and work hard for it, and stop worrying about other people.

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    1. Yes! Especially the stuff about not caring what others think… This motivates us to take risks and give it our all.
      He also talks about empathy and understanding the audience, even that’s cool!

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