I still remember the time when I first learnt the word ‘entreprenur’. It was in 9th grade, in our economics lecture.

I remember thinking – How awesome these entrepreneurs are… Starting a company, making it successful, is not an easy task. I wonder how they do it…

When I started going to college, I began researching about entrepreneurship.

I came across wonderful people and their inspiring stories. I always loved to study successful people. The best resource I had was YouTube. It’s flooded with entrepreneurship videos. I also learnt a lot from Malcom Gladwell’s book Tipping Point and Outliers.

That’s when I came across people like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Evan Charmichael, Elon Musk, Richard Brandson and many others. And I realised there are more entrepreneurs than famous Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Entrepreneurship, I learnt, is about serving others in the best possible way. Creating the products that will be helpful to masses and then doing the marketing and getting sales.

That’s something I really like about entrepreneurship. It’s about helping people in the best possible way and being smart to get what you deserve as well.

Entrepreneurs learn many lessons along the way of creating a successful company.

It’s not about becoming a millionaire, it’s about the journey you go through to get there. It’s about the lessons you learn along the way to get there. It’s more about the journey than the destination.

As you see, these entrepreneurs don’t boast about what they have now, but tell you about the journey they went through to create something, to build something.

Entrepreneurs need to learn the value of hard work and patience, dedication and passion, resilience and optimism, dealing with different clients and making sales. All of this is something we’d like to learn and apply in our life as well.

Some people cheat to make their way and not everyone who makes it to the top has put in the hard work. But most of them have and those are the people who are constantly raising the bar high. Setting high standards.

Entrepreneurship is also about executing your ideas in the best possible way. Walt Disney wanted to entertain children and inspire them to create positive changes in the society. He executed it beautifully and became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the history of the world.

Fact – Mickey Mouse is now worth 178 billion dollars!

Entrepreneurship is about creating something that will be helpful to people, something that will last even after the founder is no more. Not the commonly understood belief that ‘Only money motivates entrepreneurs’ Nope! Even legacy does.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

– Unknown

I deeply admire successful entrepreneurs. There’s so much to learn from them..

Who’s your favorite entrepreneur?



I spent last week working hard on a project

Giving it my all, hoped it would work,

Little did I know, it was going to get rejected

‘I’ was rejected

Am I not worth anything?

Is this harsh rejection all I deserve?

Feelings of worthlessness and shame crept in

Spent all nights thinking and over thinking

Drew a conclusion that I am imperfect and decided never to share my ideas again

Only if I had realised –

My worth is not my project

I am not my idea

My value is much more than what could be defined by someone’s opinions….

I wish someone had told me

“Innovation is killed by shame”

©Vrunda Chauk


Who doesn’t know Gary?! He’s been a motivational figure for youngsters who are trying to build their business online. He’s also a go-to source of motivation for many people.

He’s a entrepreneur. He talks about how to grow business on social media, how to build a personal brand, how to basically use social media to your advantage.

He has aced the game with Vayner media and his popularity is just growing with more people getting into Vaynernation.

The way he talks, the “hustle hard vibe” that he radiates is just so inspiring!

Whenever I feel like procrastinating all I need is one video of Gary Vee and I’m back to work. He always encourages me and many others to work hard.

He cares.

This is what I like most about Gary. He understands what it means to be grateful, optimistic and kind. He doesn’t make it sound like some boring philosophical stuff. He has actually practiced it and knows it’s importance. He doesn’t shy away from telling the truth.

He is empathetic. He understands what his community wants and what it needs.

He always strives to help people. Help them become better and achieve their goals.

Andddd he’s so pumped up! Like every time you see him.. he’s always on the go.

He’s honestly a great entrepreneur!

I think it’s the first time some entrepreneur is talking so fiercely about kindness, gratitude, optimism, vulnerability and stuff.

We love you Gary!

Among many things, thank you, for making gratitude, kindness, empathy seem cool again!

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