I spent last week working hard on a project

Giving it my all, hoped it would work,

Little did I know, it was going to get rejected

‘I’ was rejected

Am I not worth anything?

Is this harsh rejection all I deserve?

Feelings of worthlessness and shame crept in

Spent all nights thinking and over thinking

Drew a conclusion that I am imperfect and decided never to share my ideas again

Only if I had realised –

My worth is not my project

I am not my idea

My value is much more than what could be defined by someone’s opinions….

I wish someone had told me

“Innovation is killed by shame”

©Vrunda Chauk

31 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. I cannot say that innovation is killed by shame…Many a time the person evaluating the innovation is not worth it…not appreciating or realising the impact of innovation. For example, we use so many of the innovations by Nikola Tesla, that were considered ridiculous during his times…the people around srinivasa ramanujam couldn’t recognise the genius in him, but Thomas Hardy in England..and you know the rest is history…

    you were perfectly right in mentioning the emotions faced by the person during/after the rejection process in the sense that what we tend to internalise to ourselves the events that occur during the course of our lives…the repressing of our emotions resulting in feeling of inferiority comes to the surface during these times of disappointment…

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    1. It is kinda true Rajini… I mean the person who is evaluating may not have a vision about the invention presented to him.. he might ridicule that person to such a extent that he may not feel like inventing anything again… I mean.. innovation kinda requires you to stop thinking about what others will think and just do what you need to do.
      But if the person is afraid of shame or disappointment, he may not even dare to start.
      Like, what if Galileo felt the shame to a deep extent, by the opposition he faced from others… He would have not tried to present his concept.

      I am actually reading a book by Bernè Brown. She’s a shame and vulnerability researcher.
      Reading her thoughts sparked this idea in my mind.

      It was nice hearing from you Rajini! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!😊

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  2. I LOVE and felt every word in this piece. I too struggle with rejection- it started when I was a child. I am just acknowledging the childhood rejection plays a role in who I am (was) as an adult. I say “was” as I am in the progress of un-learning what I was “taught”. This is a lot of work, but that’s what we are here to do. The bonus is we are not alone 😉

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  3. “Innovation is killed by shame.” Very true, I think, and well said, Vrunda!

    A friend of mine, Shreya Vikram, likes to say, “Shy writers die.” I think she’s getting at the same thing you are. It’s easy to write in clichés, but to innovate, to be creative, requires one to overcome shame.

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    1. I’m honored. And it helps to have such kind people like you on the internet who like to appreciate innovation. It gives encouragement and boost.
      And for me writing is all about expressing yourself. I purely write to express. I don’t care if my writing is perfect. I want it to be authentic and I want that message to reach the audience.

      Your kind words mean a lot Paul! Thank you so much!!🙏❤

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      1. We have something in common then — a taste for authenticity. It always seems a bit strange to me that it’s not universally valued, given how much depends on it. Good to meet another “fan” of authenticity!

        Thank you for you kind compliments.

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