Things that happen when your bff gets engaged

So this is the thing about best friends – They are meant for each other. They are soulmates. They are there for each other when no one was. They are comfortable with each other and can be their craziest, weirdest self in front of each other. Everything goes well until……. One of them gets engaged!

Recently my bff got engaged.

And I was like…..

“Yeah okay…. She’s engaged, but we will still be there for each other. Our bond will be as good as it was.” At least that’s what I told myself.

Then reality hits hard.

When you plan to hangout with your bestie she replies – “Hey, I’m so sorry I can’t come. I’m on a date! I’ll tell you how it goes, okay bye!”

And you’re like – “Omg! This is happening for 7 times in a row now. This is the exact same person who called me when she forgot her Hall ticket on the examination day, when she got dumped by her boyfriend last year, when she is having arguments with her parents,…. Every single time I was there for her! I was her go-to person! Now you have to take her appointment to meet her????”

Earlier when you guys met, the topics would be planning trips, gossips, sharing progress about the projects we’re working on, interesting stuff you did this week and so on…

Now when you hangout – she talks about her boyfriend, and college and her boyfriend and the food and her boyfriend and his interests and… If nothing else… She calls him and they start talking

That’s one of those times when you look at her and think about how can you kill her….. (Just kidding… But not kidding :p)

Then comes a time when she tells you to click her pics…. With her boyfriend!

You shot her a mean look, which she ignores. As you click the pic, in your mind you are hitting her boyfriend for taking your place in her pics.

Then sometimes she drags you to buy gifts for him, you know the romantic cheesy stuff…

You actually don’t do anything, just try to control your urge to sleep and watch her as she selects gifts… And wonder what’s wrong with her!

When they have fights, you are the one who has to stay up whole night analysing the situation and figure out who’s wrong and in the end convince her that she deserves a better guy… :p but she doesn’t listen to you… As always… sigh*

When they get back together…it all starts again!


Then you start getting thoughts like ” I am the only one who’s left behind.. literally everyone around me is engaged (just your bestie, but you know she’s your world) Should I date Amit? I know he likes me.. but he’s too clingy… Then Vinay? No.. he’s good but he’s always busy! Umm… Rahul? Yeah.. he’s been my crush for a long time. But I don’t think we get along well, we are from totally different worlds! Besides he moved out of the city last year. How can I show her how it feels when she does all this torture to me when my boyfriend isn’t even in the city! Aahhhhh! It feels like love triangle. Except me and my best friend love each other and her boyfriend is messing around!😂”

*phone buzzes

Oh… A text from her –

“We broke up”

How I really feel – 😀

What I show – 😥

So this was a fun write up I came up with! We have to do research this year in psychology and me and my friends were discussing about it and this came up!

How best friends behave when one of them gets engaged and the other person is left behind.

Like seriously, when you are the center of someone’s world and you feel good about it and then suddenly someone else comes up and takes your place just like that!

Research toh banta hai! :p

What do you think guys? I’m sure you must’ve been in this situation at some point. How did you feel? What did you do?

Share in the comments below!

30 responses to “Things that happen when your bff gets engaged”

  1. This was soo relatable and true. I’ve been through this so many times. But now I think I’ve got the right person( as a best friend 😂). Let’s see if he’s really there when I call him to come hangout 😂😂

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    1. Hahahaha…. I am sure he will come!😁
      Glad you enjoyed it ❤️

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      1. 😅😅I hope so too 😂


  2. This was relatable… I have been there too, the same awkward situations and the same thoughts ‘ what am I doing here’ am I a mediator 😂😁
    Glad you expressed it so nicely ❤️

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    1. 😂😂😂 you feel me girl!
      Thanks a lot for your kind words ❤️

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      1. How are you doing Mahima?


      2. I’m good 😊
        What about you dear?

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      3. Yeah me too! College has started so busy with that! Don’t find enough time to check WordPress 😅


      4. Arrey same here yaar
        I’m on my internship so busy handling work pressures 😂

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  3. Reading this post was really fun😀 I sooo love your writing style bro! 💖
    I wish I could say, “This is so relatable!” But my bff is just awesome.😌 She knows how to manage time between her two soulmates (me and her boyfriend, of course ) Hahaha 😂
    Okay so the truth is… we don’t meet that often. We get time to meet once in a month or two. So she obviously knows that if she’ll drag me to shop for some gifts for him I would literally kill her.🙈 But yes she mentions him on our calls and texts but she’s smart enough to know when to stop so that it doesn’t get annoying 😅😁
    Sorry bro, like said she’s super awesome! So I won’t lie and say I can completely you 😅😁
    But I agree it feels a little weird when you realise that you have to share your bff with someone else. But I also know that I’m irreplaceable part of her universe, so no one can take my place. That’s why I don’t mind sharing her a little 😉😁

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    1. You are your friend seem to be sooooooo mature!
      This happens in earlier years that friends get confused between boyfriend and best friend. Some mature people like you, don’t face any problem!😜
      But seriously yaar… Everyone deserves a friend like that!❤️
      And of course, everything I wrote here was not 100% true a lot was exaggerated!
      But yeah… More or less the attention gets divided. I’ve felt that..
      Thank youuuu for your honest feedback and kind words!❤️ Appreciate you as always dear🤗

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      1. Dude…We’re quarter of century old🙈 (won’t say 25 as it doesn’t sound that old. Hahaha😂). So it’s high time we act mature. When we were in college we were just like you guys😅

        And obviously this post is exaggerated version… I mean I can’t imagine you thinking of dating someone just make your best friend jealous.( I’m right na?😏) Hahaha 😂 😉
        And sometimes we need to add some spice in our stories. That’s what makes it fun and entertaining 😁

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      2. Yessss!!!!
        You are the one who always gets me


  4. P.S. This can actually be really interesting research topic. And if you finalise this topic for your research… don’t you forget to add my data in this and label it as missing data. I can be that “exceptiona/weirdo” case for you😂😂

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    1. 😂😂😂😂
      Actually we talked about it! (It’s not my research topic, I’ll tell you mine in the next mail.) It’s hard to find such people/subjects for research, going through the same situation. And they might also have other groups besides bff and their connection may not be that strong… Soooo.. a lot of technical factors that we can’t control.
      Psychological experiments are really messy! You can’t control many factors with human beings.. there are hardly “pure research” experiments.
      But thank you sooo much for your authentic feedback, I am so grateful to have you buddy!❤️🤗

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      1. I’m excited to hear about your research topic (for which I know I have to reply to your earlier mail first😅 I’ve some exam on Tues so will back to you after that 😅😁)
        The psychology research work sounds so interesting and fun. I didn’t knew you have look for so many parameters and I can understand how difficult it can get to control some of the parameters, especially because here we are talking about human behaviour which can be very unpredictable at times 😅
        But I’m really curious to learn how you guys do it. Aha…another topic to add on list of things to talk about in next mail😀

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      2. I’m gonna talk to you for hours about this! Wow yaar… It’s so amazing to have someone who likes to listen what you have to say😂😂
        And I like to create suspense.. you know good things take time😂
        All the best for your test Swastik! ❤
        Much love and hugs😘💕

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      3. I can’t wait to listen all about it😁
        I don’t like suspense… it’s very hard to wait when you’re so excited about something. But I know best things are worth the wait. So I’ll try to be patient!😅
        And thanks a lot for the wishes bro😘
        Sending warmest hugs to you🤗
        Love always💕

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    1. Don’t be!😂 I am sure everyone has different experience 😜

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  5. Nah for me they dnt even need to get engaged but they got jobs and forgot about me completely lol

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    1. 😂😂 happens!

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  6. Sorry, not relevant to me. But yeah nobody likes to share their best friends with others. Then again it depends on how your friend handles priorities. I think at some stage of life you learn to respect their priorities too. But again, best friends will always manage to stay in touch and communicate.

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    1. It was just mean to be a fun read. Don’t take it seriously 😂
      Yeah everyone has different experience and lot I wrote was exaggerated 😅

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      1. 🤦‍♂️ you should mention in your post.. fun read, serious read, etc. Commenting on WP has become challenging over the years. I stay away as much as possible 😅


  7. beyondimagination25 Avatar

    Incredibly insane piece of writing it is. The whole situation is relatable but I’m a pragmatic person. Somewhere deep down nothing remains the same, not the promises and not even the person who made those. But I live in “Now” instead of what was and what if and remains the same person for them when they came back later. I never made them realize what I felt and sometimes they ask “How would you do that?”. Excellent post. feeling nostalgic. Now its time to dial/contact some forgotten friends of my life.

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    1. Everyone changes with time and situations in their life.. you may loose some friends but you also make others.. the new ones maybe what you need at that moment.. and life goes on….
      We can just accept and move on…
      I think you should tell them how they make you feel… At least they will know what you want… What you need..
      I’m so glad you liked this post my friend! Thank you so much❤🙏 Appreciate your feedback, means a lot!

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  8. This is very much relatable Vrunda. For you, it’s imagination; but sadly, both of my best friends got married. The only thing I’ve figured is that we are friends wherever we are; but, that really takes time to adapt.

    I loved your inside-out feeling for that text message 😂. Wonderful read, overall!

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    1. Thank youuuuu! Thanks a lot Anisha!
      You’re right… We need time to adapt to the new situations.. Sometimes the bond stays forever!💕


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