The real “secret” about Law of Attraction

Let me begin by sharing what actually the law of attraction means –

Law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring about positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

Many people try to manifest everything they want into their lives by using this law.

Some of them think you should just have positive thoughts and think about everything you want as if you already have it and it will be granted.

But is just thinking about it enough?

Picture this –

You are really hungry. You want to eat pizza at night. You are imagining you have pizza, with lots of cheese, it’s all yours, you are taking the first bite, then the second… You are so happy!

Can just thinking this way fill your belly?


So what do you do?

You at least have to get up from your couch and pick up the phone and order pizza!


Is just “thinking about it enough?”

One more thing – Law of attraction asks you to truly believe in what you want. It asks you to completely believe it’s yours. You have it.

So for example –

Let’s say you want a promotion next month.

You are more likely to believe that you will have it when you’re actually working hard and making progress.

You won’t believe you’ll have promotion if you were on leave for 10 days last month.

You are more likely to believe in your wish and attract stuff when you are actually working towards it.

Just believing without doing something is like saying –

“I know I have built a finance firm, it’s a great company and I am the CEO…..”

Without knowing a single thing about running a big company.

Use your logic at times my friends.

I don’t have anything against Law of attraction. I think it’s great. It really works. But you have to move along with your vibes.

I think actions and beliefs go hand in hand. The better you act, the stronger is your belief that you will have it. And the stronger your belief, the better you will act.

For example –

You say – “Taylor Swift is the best pop singer in the world! She’s so amazing, I love her….. (your belief)

But I don’t listen to her songs” (your action)

Such contradiction won’t happen right?😄

This is something I’ve learnt about the law of attraction.

Moral of the story – Don’t use Law of attraction as an excuse to avoid work. You have to put your work where your mouth is.

And I say this again

(this is the real secret) –

The stronger you believe in your dreams, the harder you will work.

That’s just something I’ve seen in my life.

Hope this was helpful guys!

It’s just my perspective about this topic. Yours may be different and that’s okay.

I’d love to hear your views on this topic.

Thank you for being here!❤️

40 thoughts on “The real “secret” about Law of Attraction

  1. No one would disagree with you. The way you have stated and described, made everything clear. I agree, saying without doing won’t make us succeed. 😊

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  2. I completely agree. Without work, the “Law of Attraction” is just a wish. On the other hand, used properly this idea, prayer, or other similar efforts to focus on the things we want can be helpful. I don’t believe praying every day for a job is going to result in divine intervention. But praying every day *might* keep it in the top of my mind and result in my coming up with some good ideas for how to make it happen or result in our mentioning our want to a friend who may have some more ideas. This is as opposed to simply hoping without focus every now and again when it occurs to you which is less likely to result in action.

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    1. Exactly!!! That’s really what it does to me as well. I focus so much on what I want, that it reflects in my actions. My thoughts, my actions are in alignment. And THAT is what actually works!
      Thank you sooo much Todd for sharing your thoughts.🙏😊

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  3. One thing that works is to be grateful for what you have and what you will have (but saying it in the present). “Thank you for my new car,” for example. Work toward it, but be unattached to the outcome.

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  4. I second each of your point! I learned about law of attraction in 2012. And since then, I’m using it to achieve my dreams. It does work! Whenever I quote this law to my friend, I make it a point to add a disclaimer, which states that it works as long as your actions doesn’t contradict your dreams. Because as you said, being positive and believing in your dreams is just half of the recipe. The other half includes your actions😊

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    1. Oh wow! It’s great to know you let your friends know that law of attraction should be backed up by actions. Glad to know we’re on the same page😊
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend!! Appreciate your time and support.🙏💖
      Keep manifesting🌟

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  5. Thank you!

    I read The Secret and thought it was bull for all the reasons you wrote here. I think visualisation helps; top athletes do it and it works for them. But it’s not so much because they see themselves win that they do. It’s because they start to believe their hard work will pay off. That all their training will pay off. That they can see themselves winning that gold medal because they’ve given it their all.

    I really want more customers as a life coach, but sitting on the sofa wishing for a phone call won’t really help. Marketing does, while keeping a positive attitude. Good to know there’s more sane people out there! 😉

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    1. I really hope you attract many clients through law of attraction and continue to work along with your vibes💕
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! It’s great to know I’m not alone and many others support the view that action is necessary! Appreciate your kind words and time Samantha!!❤️🙏
      Have a fantastic weekend!

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      1. Yes, my close friends never call me Vrunda, they always go with Vru..
        And I’m from the WordPress group, I wasn’t able to find your site but recently saw your comment on a friend’s blog and caught up!😊


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