Feeding ego or caring for others?

He was online.

I texted “hey”

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

Four minutes.

Five minutes.

No reply.

Still online.

What was he doing?

He’s my boyfriend, is he talking to some other girl?

Maybe he’s busy.

So busy that he can’t even reply after 5 whole minutes?

Oh! He saw the message

Close his chat

Okay he’s typing


What? Just hi?

No apology? Sorry or anything?

He thinks I’m free?

Is he taking me for granted?


I shouldn’t see his message soon.

I’ll make him wait.

5 mins?

10 mins?

Oh wait! He’s offline

What the hell?

He should wait for me

Why should I wait for him again?

This was the conversation going on in my mind.

Yesterday when my partner texted me a little late, all these things came to my mind.

I had this strange urge to take revenge. Not something big and scary but treating him the way he treated me. (Tbh it wasn’t his fault)

Doesn’t this happen to us?

Someone, especially our partner does something small and we get maddd. (coz we have such high expectations from them)

We don’t bother to ask what was the reason.

Our immediate impulse reaction is to take revenge. Do the same thing to them.

How silly and stupid that sounds?!

I mean this type of behavior is encouraged so much these days due to media. People making issue about little things that don’t even matter. But we make issue of everything.

Just because we want to feel important.

We want to satisfy our ego.

But is it really that important?

Even at the cost of your relationship?

Few days back I read a book by Deepak Chopra, it’s called “The Ultimate Happiness Prescription”.

Here’s a paragraph from this I could completely relate to –

1. Ego feels isolated and alone. Therefore it needs outside validation in order to belong and have worth.

2. The ego feels limited and bounded. Without power and control over others, it fears that it’s helplessness will be exposed.

And in the same book I read following quotes –

The conditions that make ego happy turn out to make who you really are very unhappy. There is no joy in being in charge, no love in controlling others, no expansion in defending the line between right and wrong.

– Deepak Chopra


Sometimes love is blocked by the need to be right,to cling to your own viewpoint instead of surrendering to what love would do.

– Deepak Chopra

After remembering this I let go of my anger and replied to him.

He was actually checking some important notice on WhatsApp and reading it to his parents.

I realised I was wrong and thought too much.

I won’t lie sometimes I do get desparate and want to know what’s going on, I do have these negative thoughts. But I don’t act on those anymore.

I try to stay patient and things become clear eventually.

When we try to satisfy ego, we might loose what really matters to us – people.

17 responses to “Feeding ego or caring for others?”

  1. Well said. I guess everyone goes through this.

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    1. Yes! Many a times 😅
      Thanks for reading Karen 🙂


  2. This often happens with me. Agree with everything you have said. Once anger and ego takes over things start to go bad. There are so many things. We expect others to behave with us the way we behave with them. As much importance we give, we expect the same response from them.

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  3. This is very common with all couples, specially with girls. I feel, we think too deep, at times unnecessarily. I gave up this habit long back as I was wrong in most of the times. Trust me, things are way more better when we opt for pragmatic approach 🙂

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    1. Thank you Sakshi!! 🙂


  4. It was quite relatable. Awesome post…

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    1. Thank you!! So glad you liked it ☺️

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  5. 🙂 One should not be so free after all 🙂


    1. I hope you didn’t actually mean that she should keep herself busy so that she won’t focus on checking for his messages everytime~ if yes then i would like to correct you and say that those who care will care no matter how busy they are! They just make time for everything or least they try bcs every single thing means alot to them … be it a work, a boyfriend or a blog … etc whatever …

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  7. I do agree that it’s totally relatable 🙈 but I wish mister Boyfriend or Mr husband would know we would be waiting and worrying and just find a way to send a quick message so we know he is not delibrately ignoring our messages~ 🙈 Thank you so much dear~ 💖🥰


  8. It’s all about communication. You should not rely on messaging apps is what I would advise when it comes to handling relationships. Some people do not prefer written communication and may avoid it with ease without thinking of how others will feel. So better you communicate directly in person or on phone 😉 PS – I don’t like it though when people do not reply for eternity. 😂

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    1. True… But ajkal people are busy… Exams ahet na… So aise hi kaam chalana padta h 😂😂
      Anyway thank you for your comment! After ages…. Me mhantla kuthe gayab zhalas…
      P.S – I get mad even when they don’t reply for 5 mins…. But not always…. And I’m working on that! Haha


  9. Ego ruins relationships.


  10. Very well said and relatable this often comes in our time and mistakes could happen but as a true lover i used to apologise for my happens, and i think this is the only thing my relationship is going very well.
    Thanks for sharing
    I have also written something about ego and sorry hope you love it


  11. […] Feeding ego or caring for others? — Vrunda Chauk […]

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