What motivates you?

What motivates you? What keeps you going?

– People
– Travel
– Inspiring stories
– My parents
– My friends
– Kind words
– Kind deeds
– Possibility of something better
– Hope of something better coming
– Excitement of creating something beautiful
– Love
– Warm hugs
– Gratitude
– Hand written notes and quotes
– Nature
– People I want to help
– Music that touches the soul
– Poetry that makes me feel alive
– Movies that inspire
– Beauty of life

24 thoughts on “What motivates you?

      1. That’s very fundamental actually. Without freedom we will be feeling helpless and hopeless… Freedom is basic that generates motivation and inspiration 💯

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      1. *Spreading kindness
        *Seeing the special in people and places
        *People dedicated to being their personal best in their passion
        *Trying new things that challenge my skills, attitudes and beliefs
        *Being a good mother & role model for my kids
        *Healthy eating for a strong and energetic body
        *Being mindful of the beauty around me
        *Using my gifts to serve others
        *Reading books that inspire my humanity


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