One should treat others in a way they would stay

Because they want to

Not because they’ve no other option



i am ready to move


for you

i am willing to make

your life heaven

all I want is

for you to

give me a reason

to do so



I feel lucky to have friends

Who help me reconnect with my friends and family

After arguments with them, when I loose my control

When I could’ve had friends

Who would fuel my anger flames

When she makes a mistake

The newly wedded bride is asked by her in-laws

“Didn’t your parents teach you anything?”

But when a man treats his wife badly

Does society ask –

“Didn’t your parents teach you how to respect a women and your children?”

Know better do better quotes

It is doubtful whether any heavier curse could be imposed on man than the complete gratification of all his wishes without effort on his part, leaving nothing for his hopes, desires and struggles.

– Samuel Smiles

I’ve experienced this so much during lockdown. I mean my basic needs were met. But there was no need to work, like no pressure to study.

Earlier it was fun.

But then I realised there is no enjoyment without work.

No fun in being idle

Doing something you love is fun

Real joy is doing what you love and doing something engaging.. something that is really meaningful to you.

I mean seriously imagine…

What would happen if you had everything you wanted and you didn’t have to work?

Can you live like that?

Maybe for a month… Maybe three months maximum

But I cannot live like that

I realise there is so much joy in working

We don’t really give work the respect it deserves now do we?

Hating Mondays is like a worldwide phenomenon

Okay maybe I don’t get it coz I don’t work yet

But because of this lonnngggg lockdown maybe we all would have realised the importance of looking forward to work, having something good to do..

This quote made me realise that maybe we should feel blessed that we get to work.. every day

Speaking of which…

I am just done submitting my case studies and essays for positive psychology exam. yayyyyy! (just one module done! thankfully 7 more to go.. hey I love learning it.. 😅)

Now I’ve to study for final year exam next month

I’ll start from Monday!

(if I feel like studying.. :p)

But really need a break now!

Good night guyssss!!❤️❤️❤️

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