you should persist

Teacher : Sanjana, how is your practice going for the competition? It’s a big opportunity for you.

Sanjana : It’s not going so well. I tried doing the triple flip, but I can’t. It’s just too hard.

Teacher : I understand, it took me time to practice it too. But keep going I’m sure you’ll do great

Sanjana : that’s very kind of you.. but I don’t think I really have what it takes to become a good dancer. I have seen Seema dance much better than me, we joined together but she’s much more talented than me

Teacher : Can I tell you a secret?

Sanjana : what?

Teacher : You think Seema is naturally talented, but she isn’t. Neither am I. You know how much she practices in a day? 6 hours and sometimes more.

Sanjana : what? Really?

Teacher : Yes, and if there’s something special about her, it’s that she doesn’t give up even when it gets tough.

You can do that too! I know you love dance. You should work a little harder. And you remember how excited you were when you got selected for this competition don’t you?

Sanjana : yeah.. I was so happy that day! Since I was a little girl I saw dancers dance gracefully in this competition. I wanted to be one of them…

Teacher : See, this is your chance to finally turn your dream into reality. And don’t think much about the prize, just remember you have to dance like you’ve never danced before.. surrender yourself to the music and dance to express yourself.. your emotions.. your passion

Sanjana : wow.. I just got goosebumps..

Teacher : you have that spirit of a dancer. Don’t let fear of failing get in your way

And if you are struggling with some moves, talk to me. We will rehearse together. I will let you know how can you improve.

Sanjana : thank you! means a lot

Teacher : and I have faith in you Sanjana. Just be optimistic. Even if things go wrong or take time, don’t worry. Remember the dark clouds will eventually drift off and make room for sunshine.

You can do it, just work hard and keep a positive attitude and we’re here to help you! 🙂

Sanjana : thank you for helping me out! I will not give up.

10 responses to “you should persist”

  1. Yes…positive state of mind will take you through..

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    1. Thanks a lottt Krish!! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. SMiLes Vrunda A Best Thing About Free Dance
    And Life In General Free Verse is ‘Triple Jumps’ Are
    Not Required Some Days Floating is More than Enough
    When All
    Is Delicious
    Essence of
    Flow Within
    For True
    May not
    Hear the Music
    of Heaven One’s Feet BRinG..
    True When We Trust Our Feet
    Wellsprings Above Halo Wings…:)

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    1. Wowwww 😍😍 such lovely verses you write Katie❤️💗
      Thank you for sharing thiss

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      1. Thanks Dear Vrunda
        Always find Inspiration


  3. Dreamy photo ❤

    Love the moral of having grit combined with a positive attitude! 🙂

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    1. Thank youuuu! ❤️❤️❤️
      Appreciate your kind words from the bottom of my heart💗💕


  4. If you persist long enough you’ll outlast or overcome any obstacle in front of you

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    1. Yesss! So true 💯


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