Did the sun come out, or did you just smile at me?
You’d probably cringe
At this cheesy pickup line
But trust me,
When you look at me
It feels the same
Did I ever tell you
How breathtaking and handsome you are?
Did I ever tell you
When you smile at me
My heart melts
Like a snowflake at the first ray of sunshine
Do you have any idea
How difficult it is for me
To remember topics I need to discuss with you
When you look so damn cute
All I want to do is stare
Into those beautiful eyes for eternity
You have this magnetic effect on me
I am pulled towards you
As naturally as a sunflower bends
Towards sunlight

© Vrunda Chauk

6 responses to “breathtaking”

  1. Hehe Dear Vrunda That
    Sounds Almost Just
    (Very Very Beautiful)
    Like The Poem my
    Mother Wrote About
    my Father Named “Green
    Eyes” (Unlike me my Mother is
    A Published Poet in Book Form Indeed ) Meeting A Rugged
    Half Shaven Beverage Law
    Enforcement Agent Trapping
    Moonshiners Trafficking Illegal

    Alcohol in The
    50’s Relating He
    Was The Best Looking
    Man She Ever Saw And
    Whoever Was Married To

    Him Must Be
    The Luckiest
    Woman In The World

    Yet It Was Also True She
    Was Voted With A “Marilyn
    Monroe” Best Figure By Her
    Peers in 11th And 12th Grade

    (Sort of Like my
    Wife in a Bikini Yet Very
    Very Full Figured Hehe)

    It Truly Looked
    Like a Match Made
    In Heaven He Asked
    Her Out On The First

    Date He Asked
    Her To Marry Him

    She Hesitated Yet She
    Pondered as 26 Years-Old
    Seemed Very Old in The

    50’s For A Young
    Woman Working
    At The Court House

    To Be Single So She Said Yes
    Yet Sadly Like Some Halloween

    Stories it Didn’t Have A Fairy
    Tale Ending At The Beginning

    As He Rarely Said

    A Word in Their 3 Year
    Marriage And Had

    No Emotional

    Presence To Support
    Raising Two Children

    Yet This is An Oldest
    Human Story “Beauty

    And The Beast”

    Some Men Will
    Never Be Tamed
    Yet Never The Less

    The Stories Continue

    As Life is Like This

    At Best

    We Leave


    Behind To
    Carry on Like
    WayWard Sons And
    Daughters Who Must

    Find Their
    Fearless Father
    Within After Blessed

    With The Gift Of
    Mother’s Love “The
    Beast” Brought Home

    Carry on

    True i Owe my
    Existence To
    That Oldest
    Human Fairy Tale For Real

    DarK 🌚
    Makes LiGHT 🌞 😊

    Inspiring Poem
    Dear Vrunda With Applause!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this story! Its really beautiful 💛🌻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pleasure Dear
        Vrunda Thanks
        For Your Poem
        Inspiring It
        With SMiles☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sending lots of love and hugs💛💛💛💛💛

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thanks You too
        With SMiles☺️🏝

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  2. This is a breathtakingly beautiful love poem, Vrunda!



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