In my school on parents teachers meeting or report day, one thing teachers never forgot to tell..

Where we lack and where we need to improve

Every year for all the years I was in school

I used to hear this “she needs to improve….”

Not just about me

No matter how brilliant the student is…. All the teacher would say was – “she needs to get better at…..”

Sometimes they also used to congratulate on specific achievement the child has earned

But mostly the message was – You need to work on this

Then after going to college

Same system continued with a slight difference

Teachers didn’t care much, they needed their work to be submitted on time… Some discussions about projects.. but never more than that

Then few weeks ago

I read about a fascinating concept called – Positive Education

It is basically application of positive psychology at school level

They focus on what the child is good at

Not where she lacks, but what she already has

Cultivating strengths, building on strengths…


What a fascinating concept

I really wish I studied in such school

I wonder how different my life would have been then

How different I would have been now

Just imagine

On parents-teachers meeting teachers are talking about what’s good in that particular child!

Imagine the spark in child’s n parents’ eyes…

How proud.. how happy would they be….

9 thoughts on “Musings

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  2. Indian education system is pathetic. It forces you to study what you don’t want to. It is all about marks and degrees. Education is worthless if it doesn’t make you a good human being.


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