Self talk

Okay so self talk is important. And it should always be positive, right?

No, that would never be possible.


Self talk just needs a little bit of honesty and a whole lot of kindness.


What’s good?

Pause. Stop criticising for a while. Stop ruminating about how bad you are doing. Stop overthinking about the situation.

Just ask yourself

What’s good?

We hardly take time to see what are the good things that are happening with us.

No really, ask yourself What’s good that happened today?

What’s good that happened last week?

What’s good that is happening right now?

Maybe it’s the great family dinner you had last week, maybe it’s your favorite dish your mom cooked for you yesterday, maybe it’s sharing quality time with your best friend today.

Talk about these things!

Notice them.

Appreciate that.

Share your happy memories 💕

The best way to multiply your happiness, is to share it with others.

Next time when you meet someone don’t ask them how they are doing and how was their day… Ask them – What’s good?

Only question

The question I ask myself frequently these days is – Am I being in the present moment?

So sick and tired of overthinking!

I try to bring back my focus on present moment by asking this question.

There is so much to overthink. There is only this one unique moment to experience.

When I ask this to myself and look around me… I focus on the people around and think that this moment may not come back. They are not going to be with me forever. Even if I see them every day, I want to cherish and live this moment with them.

Instead of living most of our lives in our head let’s be more present in the moment and enjoy reality.

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