Know better do better quotes

Indicators of spiritual growth –

1. Your life flows with effortless spontaneity

2. Love is becoming the motivating factor of your life

3. You are discovering hidden sources of creativity and imagination

4. You are accepting higher guidance into your life

5. Your choices benefit you and all those around you

– Deepak Chopra

Know better do better quotes

When you focus on the present moment, you don’t give up on the relative world. You will still be able to participate in everyday life but with a difference. You will no longer identify with change. The ups and downs of fortune will no longer shake you from your true self. Ordinarily we are so caught up in the changing scene that we don’t notice we’ve slipped out of the present moment.

– Deepak Chopra

What I know for sure

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Tbh much of academic stuff. But this is a book I just read – What I know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey.

During these stressful times, I experienced the fact that words do heal.

When I used to watch Oprah’s talks I used to wonder how wise she is, I wonder if there is book written by her, I’d love to read that. That’s when I came across this book. “What I know for sure!” Wow the title itself is so catchy. Of course who wouldn’t want to know what Oprah knows for sure!

I finally decided to read this book and it matched my expectations. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The way Oprah has talked about all she has learnt over the years in her personal as well as professional life is wonderful. There is everything – from spirituality to work life balance.

She has shared her experiences and everything she has learnt from meeting and interviewing so many wonderful people. There’s so much to learn from her. I have always admired her strength, her genuineness and her wisdom.

She hasn’t exaggerated anything neither has covered her mistakes.

The best thing is that she speaks from her own experience. So it doesn’t feel for a moment that she is preaching about something she hasn’t dealt with. We could relate to her examples and see a part of us, in her.

I love how she has openly talked about the topic most women are concerned with – aging and weight gain. It really helped me shift my perspective towards these things.

At least for me, this is the book I will read again and again when I’m going through rough patch.




These are nuggets of wisdom from the book and the book is filled with these❤️

After reading this, what I know for sure is that you will definitely enjoy reading the book. And more than that you’ll learn something, something that will guide you and encourage you to do your best, something that will heal you during your tough times.

This book could be a really precious gift for someone 💕

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