My first crush

Okay, so it’s just like other normal “first” crushes… I got butterflies in my stomach when he looked at me, my heart leaped with joy when I knew he was coming to the party we were going, I was nervous when he came to talk to me, I dressed up like I was going on a date when going to meet the group of friends where he’d be too…. I also made some stupid mistakes in front of him and gave him the opportunity to laugh at me!! But that was in a good way (at least I like to think so!)

He was the coolest guy in our class, in highschool. Every single girl would be willing to date him, you know the cutest guy in class who charms everyone.. Yep! He was that!

Every love song reminded me of him.. esp the “pehla nasha” and “kuch kuch hota hai…”

That was crazy! When you are small you always compare your love story with those shown in movies..

He actually was like the hero in movies… He talked sweetly, had a great group of friends, played cricket, good at sports and had girls always around him. I still remember all the girls from our class used to cheer for him on the Sports Day. (and of course he used to win..)

He actually wasn’t my type at all! I was the studious one.. at least in school 😅.. teachers favorite, not so good at sports, browsing library all the time, not so actively talking to boys… You get the idea.

But he did talk to me! I gave him notes when he missed classes due to his cricket tournaments.. we used to exchange normal hi-hello as I came to my desk everyday (he always sat behind me or just in front of me)

I remember looking at him when anyone cracked a joke in class…. It was so good to see him laugh!

Then he used to be surrounded by girls during lunch time and I was jealous!😜

At that time I didn’t have Instagram to send me the quote “Stop having relationship problems with someone you’re not in relationship with”😂

I was class monitor at that time. Teacher assigned me the task of writing down names of students who were talking during lectures (you know… The most boring job in the world!)

One day, I had to write his name too! (Yes, unwillingly)

During lunch break, I was sitting on my desk and doing my homework… When he came and sat next to me!

“Hi Vru!” He said in his sweet voice

I was so nervous!!! I slowly looked at him.. he was flashing me his most charming smile

I pulled away quickly. Trying hardddd not to blush… I asked him “hey! What’s up?”

I was grinning ear to ear

“I heard you wrote my name as well… Can you please not tell my name? I was just asking Priya about the homework last week”

“I can’t” I said meekly

“Alright then,” he said with a grin

“I won’t get up until you erase my name”


“If that’s the case, I’ll never ever erase your name… Sit next to me forever” I SCREAMED!

In my mind.. of course!

But I needed to get out of my beautiful dreamland and answer him now..

Guess what?

I did as he said! I know…. It was wrong.. but I couldn’t help it… It wasn’t that important anyway… But you know… Crushes have an unfair advantage!😉

That’s all!

We never got past that seeing eachother-and-smiling-like-a-idiot phase.

But that’s also beautiful.. some things aren’t meant to end (so they never start) they just leave a imprint in your memory to be remembered forever…..

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