Affirmations you need

Watch your thoughts for they become your words,

Watch your words for they become actions,

Watch your actions for they become habit,

Watch your habits for they become character.

Margaret Thatcher

This is so true. It all starts with your thoughts. Your mindset.

I started practicing Affirmations recently and I’ve discovered they really help to keep me in the right frame of mind. They help me keep the right mindset in different situations.

I discovered the Instagram account of Idil Ahmed – @Idillionaire

I really liked her her quotes and I find myself reading them when I doubt myself or when I don’t feel certain about anything. She reminds me that everything will work out just fine and my perspective shifts.

Here are some of my favourite quotes by her that I’d like to share –

Mentally picture yourself, radiant, strong, successful, happy, full of joy and full of life. See yourself moving upwards. Leave behind the darkness and confusion into an increasing brightness and loveliness. See yourself as growing, progressing, winning at everything you do.

– Idil Ahmed


Change your language to “What if it does work out”.

Believe in possibilities. Think about the best case scenario. Retraining your mind will lift you higher out of the overthinking, stress and worry of negative habitual thoughts. Change starts with your mindset. Shift it. Switch it.

– Idil Ahmed

Imagining this feels wonderful right?

Sooo, speaking of mindset, I practice different affirmations at different times to help me get into right mindset and to rise above overthinking and stuff.

I’ll be sharing some affirmations you can practice in different situations, hope you find them helpful.

Note – All these affirmations are by Louise Hay.

When you are feeling low. When you need to accept yourself and realise your worth –

When you need some positivity. Imagining that I am a joyful breeze entering a room makes me giggle. Makes me feel good and happy.

When I start overthinking. Telling myself that I’m breaking free from those fears and doubts and releasing them makes me feel good and positive –

When I start getting “not so good” experiences in life. Telling myself that they are helping me grow and evolve shifts my perspective and brings clarity in my thoughts –

When I am worried about money, it feels good to remind and affirm to myself that there is abundant wealth for me, it’s all working out for me –

This is actually a gentle reminder to be grateful and joyful throughout the day. The thought of my day starting and ending in joy and gratitude feels awesome.

When you get overwhelmed by all the new changes in your life it would be great to remind yourself that you are capable of dealing with all this. You are welcoming change –

When you don’t know whom to trust, what decision to make, try believing that everything you need to know is revealed to you. Trust your intuition –

Love is in the air – 😍 Feeling every word of this affirmation is so great

This could be a reminder that you need to make sufficient time for work and play in order to live well.

Do you practice affirmations? Does this sound helpful?

Please share in the comments below!!

Thank you so much for being here❤️ Have a blessed day friends✨😇


Lessons learnt in teenage

As I step into my twenties I realise…. (Oh my!!!!! I am a grown up now!! Does this mean I cannot act like a kid anymore??? I remember it as yesterday when I called my mum to ask where the grocery shop is.. Oh wait! Maybe that really happened yesterday 😂)

Sooo, as you see I’ve (technically) grown up and now I’m going to tell you what I’ve learnt through my teenage.

I wanted this post to have a ‘formal’ start… But anyway… It’s the real me that I’ll be sharing in this post so yeah… I guess goofing around is fine..

Here’s what I’ve learnt –

Life is changing constantly and you need to adapt and be okay with it.

Nothing is permanent. We all have felt that moment when we were like – this is it! This is my life and these are the people I want to spend it with.

Here’s the truth – It doesn’t happen so always. And that’s okay.

The people you are currently with may not be with you forever and that’s okay.

Enjoy your time with them. Live your life. Make memories. Have fun. Cherish eachother. Don’t expect this to last forever.

People come and go. If they leave it doesn’t mean they are bad or you are at fault – it just means that their chapter in your life is over.

As some people leave, others will enter your life too. They may not be able to replace the people earlier but that’s okay.

Different people teach you different things, give you different memories and make your life beautiful.

They add colours to your blank canvas of life. Every colour may not be beautiful, but the final painting will be.

I lost touch with my best friend from school last year. We were so close and suddenly that bond we had wasn’t as strong as before. It wasn’t her fault, it wasn’t mine either. It’s just that we changed. Our needs were different. Our mindsets were different. I felt terrible after loosing contact with her, but I understood (eventually) that it was time for us to go where we feel connected and comfortable. I guess that’s how life works. People come and go. Things change. You change.

Last year even a wonderful person entered my life. She is the perfect elder sister you could have – Caring, pampering, kind, supportive and understanding. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. We aren’t real sisters but I feel connected to her. And she didn’t replace my high school bestie, I admire both of them and they both have a special place in my heart.

So you see – It changes. Be okay with that. You change. Life goes on. Stay hopeful.

And if you’re someone promising ‘forevers’ well that’s good – try your best to make it work but if it doesn’t, let go.

My life doesn’t have to look like my friend’s and vice versa.

You won’t always get the beautiful thing your friends have but that doesn’t mean you won’t get anything beautiful.

Some of my friends go to pub, bar, go on vacations frequently and I don’t get to experience that. But that’s okay – it doesn’t mean I am not happy or I don’t have what I need.

My life doesn’t need to look like theirs. Your life and your experiences are beautiful and unique in their own way.

Thinking that – If I get a car of my own (like my friend has) I’ll be happy, doesn’t work.

You might feel like the glamorous life is beautiful and exciting and fun and that may be true. But that doesn’t mean your life is any less beautiful and exciting and fun.

It’s natural to want something better but remember your happiness doesn’t need to depend on that. What you have is also beautiful.

If you haven’t done anything great yet, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to.

There was a time when I thought I won’t be able to do anything worthwhile in life. Everyone around me was making constant progress and I felt like I couldn’t make it as fast as them. I felt like I couldn’t do anything great because I haven’t done anything special like they have.

We often confuse ability with results. If you do something great that means you’re capable, worthy. If you don’t you aren’t.

It’s like saying that if that if a crocodile didn’t bite you yet, it doesn’t have the ability to do so.

You are able to go after your dreams and get it done. Don’t get overwhelmed. Start with one small step at a time in the right direction.

Speaking kindly to yourself helps a lot.

There will come many times in your life when you feel utterly stressed and depressed, at that time being harsh on yourself will only increase the friction, the conflict. You need to be give yourself ease. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

You don’t pour petrol when there’s fire burning, you need to calm it by water.

Practicing self compassion during hard times gave me the strength to go on. To keep moving.

It is also something that made me fell in love with myself and appreciate myself.

If you feel something it doesn’t mean you are that.

There are times when you feel worthless, lonely, stupid – but that doesn’t mean you actually are worthless, lonely or stupid.

Feelings come and go. You don’t need to hold on to every feeling and expect it to be true. Everything you feel isn’t true.

Learn to expect from yourself

There are times when I expect a lot from my parents and friends. That’s not wrong I guess – but I’ve realised that it’s better to expect from me than anyone else. That way I’m kinda sure that at least I’m making efforts to fulfill my expectations.

If your parents don’t give you what you’ve expected then just let go of it, I mean they’re doing the best they can to give you everything. If they can’t or don’t want to offer you something, bet on yourself.

If you truly want something try to get it yourself.

If you see something good in someone, tell them.

I honestly feel so good when someone appreciates something I’ve done. I want to give that feeling to others as well.

If you admire something about someone tell them, they will feel good and feel motivated to continue the behaviour.

It just takes a minute to tell them but that memory may last much longer.

If someone does something good for you, express your gratitude. It strengthens relationships.

Stay open-minded to new concepts and ideas.

There was a time when I firmly believed in everything science proved. I mean I still believe in everything science proves.. but at that time I had a fixed mindset that everything science proves is true and things that are not proven do not exist.

I firmly believed that there are no “signs” from universe – Things just happen. It’s just a coincidence and there is no hidden meaning to it.

My best friend loves talking about universe and the “signs” from universe. And I’m like – What nonsense! It doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t happen that way.

Even when she told me about her experiences, I said “It’s a coincidence”.

She’d get hurt but wouldn’t push me further.

I saw myself being rude to her when this topic came up. I wanted her to accept what I think is true and she wanted me to accept what she felt true.

Slowly I started realising that I was restricting my mind. I was so stuck with my firm beliefs that I wasn’t looking at other possibilities.

I wasn’t ready to unlearn and relearn my beliefs. The problem was not whether or not I believed in signs of universe the problem was that I wasn’t ready to accept that this can be true. I shut my mind to all possibilities.

Here’s what I realised –

• I wasn’t ready to accept new possibilities.

• I mixed the word ‘my’ with beliefs.

There’s a difference when you say – “It’s MY belief, MY thought” and “I think it’s true, I have found this to be true”

When you say it’s MY thought, you will not like when someone says something contradictory. Because someone is attacking what is “yours”. You will try to defend yourself instead to understanding what the person has to say.

• Even if I have believed something for a long time, I have the freedom to change my belief. I can change what has “Always been this way” just because I find something new, better. I am allowed to change.

• Trying to be the same person you were years ago is not necessary. It’s okay (and necessary) to grow. Be open to different ideas, mindsets and concepts. They may or may not be true – But be open and look objectively. You will discover many different things.

Sooo… This is it! This is what I’ve learnt in my teenage. What have you learnt in yours? What would you like to tell your teenage self?

Please share in the comments below!!!

Thank you for being here. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!💖💖💖

5 lessons psychology taught me and how can you apply them in your life

From all my psychology related posts you guys might have guessed that I’m a psychology student.

Learning psychology has enriched my life. There are so many things I came to realise about myself and others. It has helped me in my relationships with others and myself.

So today I want to share 5 such valuable lessons I learnt and how I applied them in my life and how can you do it too.

1. Everyone is unique – Psychology reminds this to you every second. Every single person is different.

“What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.”

—Emma Stone

Human nature is very complex and unpredictable. Everyone is unique. Their perspectives are different, their thoughts and beliefs are different, their values are different, their mindset is different, their needs are different.

Understanding this made me more open-minded. I was able to accept different people from different backgrounds with different abilities.

I also learnt that it’s difficult to categorise people. They are always evolving and growing.

How you can apply this –

• Understand that people are different. Be okay with that. Don’t try to fit people into different categories.

• Don’t label people. (Especially – negative labels) Some might take it too seriously and live upto that label, some might prove you wrong in no time.

2. One thing doesn’t work for everyone –

Just do what works for you, because there will always be someone who thinks differently…

– Michelle Obama

From the first point, this seems obvious.

In psychology, while analysing disorders, you need to look at many different factors and even for the same disorders, different patients need different treatment.

I realised one thing doesn’t work for everyone and that I don’t need to expect what works for me, should work for others as well.

This kinda stopped me from giving advices and made me help my friends choose whatever works the best for them.

I started exploring different ways to reach a particular goal and found what worked the best for me.

How can you apply this –

• If someone cannot follow your advice, understand that this might not work for them. You might have the best intentions, but if someone cannot follow your advice, don’t dwell on that. Help them figure out what works for them.

• Don’t be so harsh on yourself. If you try really hard and it doesn’t happen, let go of that path. May be you need some other path to reach that particular goal.

3. If you have a good relationship with yourself, many things will fall into place – As they say, “You cannot pour from an empty cup, you gotta take care of yourself first”.

It starts with you.

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

– Mark Twain

It matters how you look at yourself and what you think about yourself. As they say – The relationship you have with yourself, sets to tone for every other relationship you’ll have.

If you are kind to yourself, it will be much easier for you to be kind to others.

If you love yourself, it will be much easier to love others.

If you heal yourself, you will be able to support others in their healing.

You have to start with yourself because the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.

How can you apply this –

• Learn to focus more attention on your growth and your healing.

• Understand yourself. Know yourself, be gentle with yourself and pay attention to your needs.

4. There are many different ways to look at things – Just accept this.

We don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.

– Steve Goodier

What is true for you, may not be necessarily true for someone else. We judge things based on our experience. Not necessary everyone had the same experience.

What is too good for you, may not be as good to your friend and that’s okay.

How you can apply this –

• Be open to different perspectives. Some things maybe true for you, but you also need to understand others. Be open to different ideas, concepts and thoughts and you will learn much more.

• When someone disagrees with you, be curious instead of critical. Try to understand their perspective. And whatever it is, be okay with that.

5. You have a choice

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

– Viktor E. Frankl

YES, you have a choice. You are free to choose your response. You can control your reaction.

I get it, you cannot control what happens to you. But you can control how to react, and that is empowering.

When you choose how to react, you give the power to yourself. You are responsible for your reaction.

Have you noticed that there are some people who have been through really bad times but through their determination and dedication they achieved a lot of success.

And there are some people who give up early on themselves and think their actions don’t matter. They believe they are at the mercy of their situations and just hope things to get better.

How can you apply this –

• Sometimes you gotta look deep within yourself and understand what you need to do to improve your situation.

• Having a choice doesn’t mean you need to blame yourself for everything. Think about it in a empowering way – You get to choose your response! How wonderful is that!

It is true you have a choice, but be gentle with yourself while choosing something. You don’t need to beat yourself up for your wrong choices. If you’ve been through really hard time, be compassionate and kind to yourself and others.

You can say to yourself – ” I forgive myself for acting in such a way. I realise how painful it is to face the consequences now. I am learning from my mistakes and would never repeat them in future. I have faith in myself that I have what it takes to achieve that goal. I won’t choose to quit. I will try better next time. ”

What is your take on this? Have you experienced these statements to be true as well? I’d like to hear your experiences please share them in the comments below.

Also let me know if you’d like to read a part 2 of this.

Thank you for your time! Hope you enjoyed the blogpost! 🙂

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