Free?! Must be a dream

She went to the Goa trip
with her friends
how badly she wanted to see the sunset on beach!
she talked to strangers
she made new friends

She was celebrating her birthday
with her friends
at midnight
they prepared a surprise party
just for her
She couldn’t thank them enough
no one made her feel so special

She was at a party
enjoying with her friends
she was wearing
that cool dress she
saw at the mall last week
they drank
had fun
clicked selfies

She was happy
She was free

Wait! Free?

Must be a dream

Gosh it is!

She heard mom calling
“Wear the dress I’ve brought for you
and get ready for your college
you have to study hard
and get good grades
then everyone will be happy
and you’ll get a good husband…

Stop looking out of the window silly girl..!
She’s always daydreaming”

©Vrunda Chauk

Set free

There’s this bird you love

You love it so much.. you put it in a beautiful cage

You give that bird everything it needs to survive, you shower your love and care..

You take care of everything! You make sure everything is perfect for your little bird..

You make sure limited people have access to it.. you don’t want some people to hurt the bird

Still you wonder…. Why isn’t the bird happy?

Because you forget…

Along with care, it needs freedom… It wants to be free..

It’s heart longs to explore the world and get out of the cage…

It wants to fly.. fall.. then get up and fly again.. even if this isn’t “protective” it is healthy for the bird…

There are countless times when we do this with humans as well

When we love someone all we want to do is protect that person from all negativity, all possible harm..

We also don’t set them free because we’re scared… Will they come back to me after exploring this world? Will they find something more beautiful than me? More smart, more charming than me?

Sometimes all we need to do is trust and let go….

Let them fail, let them make mistakes… Let them learn.. let them explore.. we cannot protect our loved ones from everything.. But we can make sure that they won’t have to go through this alone….. And most of the times, that’s more than enough

And everyone gravitates to someone who gives them freedom and love ♥️

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