I want to give

I want to show you beauty. I want to give you love. I want to give you pieces of mine that you will hold close to your heart at times of difficulty, just to remember my warmth.

I want to give you hope that you will turn out to be the gentleman you always wanted to be. You will be the change and not follow patriarchy. You will be loving and kind and spread family values as you always wanted. You will be a example for others to follow.

I want to offer you a safe space, where you go to when this world seems cruel and it feels like you can’t take it anymore. I want to hold your hand and sit with you through the pain.

I want to love you with all my heart and take care of that beautiful soul of yours. I want to be sunshine for you when the clouds are dark. I want to be gentle rain for you during the scorching heat of the afternoon. I want to be the butterflies that dance around you when you are happy.

I want to be your friend and your biggest fan, someone you can count on when you feel like you’ve had enough. And when you feel like you can’t go on anymore I want to be the wall that you lean against as you sit with face covered in palms. I want to be the same wall that helps you get up and carry on.


Sometimes when i think about future and get scared,

I think about present and thank God

I try not to miss today’s sunshine,

While worrying whether I’ll see it again in future

© Vrunda Chauk

May I be kind to myself

When I talk to myself,
May I be kind
For I know that the kindness I plant in my heart,
Determines the way I’ll go

May I be kind to myself
When I make a mistake,
When I am hurt,
When things go wrong

May I be kind to myself
And validate my pain
Say “this hurts”
And remind myself
I am not the only one,
Suffering is a part of life

May I be kind to myself,
Place a hand on my heart
And say
“Keep going, brave one
For this too shall pass”

© Vrunda Chauk


“It’s okay”
“It happens”
“Don’t worry”
“Everything will be alright”

I find myself saying this to my friends, family and colleagues

But when something goes wrong with me
All I say is –
“You could’ve done better”
“How dumb you are!”
“What will they think about you?”

I fight myself while I try to heal others
I am harsh on myself
While I try to be kind to others

I need to remind myself
I am human too
I make mistakes too
I am allowed to forgive myself

I need to give myself what I’ve given others
I need to love myself the way I love others

© Vrunda Chauk

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