engulfed by love

This time love felt different
It wasn’t the kind of love
That grew over a period of time
the one that felt stable and safe
This time, it was a tornado
the one that encompassed me
making me feel countless emotions, all at once
It was beautiful and frustrating
There was longing and acceptance
Both gentle and rough
As the wind stopped
so did the toronado
leaving a bittersweet taste in my heart.

© Vrunda Chauk

3 responses to “engulfed by love”

  1. Engulfed By ART

    heART smART
    eARTh ALL Parts
    Dear Vrunda With SMiLes

    Like That Old Classic Movie
    “The Breakfast Club” Where the

    Young ‘Goth Girl’ Looks to Her Traditionally
    Rich In Jobs and Titles Parents Clearly Seeing
    Art of

    Away Leaving
    No Colors Left
    of Moon to Paint
    as the Moon Follows
    Us on A Night Drive to Forever Love Peaceful

    in Passionate Smiles of Truly Breathing iN LoVE

    For All the Colors of Moon Humans Will Paint When

    Passion Still Lives For Life All Innate Instinctual Intuitive For Real

    Yet True The U Shaped Path to Human Passion Of Life As The Science

    of Psychology Shows is Often Truly Gray SHaDeD in Middle Years of

    Life As Couch Potato
    Averages in Modern
    CuLTuRES SHow Yes

    Youth And Much Older
    Ages May Be Colored
    More With Passion For

    Life For What the Rat
    Race Treadmill Wash
    Rinse Dry Cycle of Life

    For So Many Years and
    Decades Surely Takes Away

    True mY FRiEnD The Bitter Sweet Youth FuLL
    Cusp Leaving Passion for the Purgatory Sadly
    of the Middle Years of Existence Treading Water

    One Day Swimming Free As the Breeze Again Yet

    So Very Sadly Studies Do Show That in the Most Technologically
    Advanced Cultures in Asia Humans Have Lost the Zest For Each Other

    For what Life
    Even Means
    In Colors of
    Passion in Youth to Even
    Truly Survive With Countries
    With Fertility Rates in Below
    Single Digits Averse to Even

    The Feel Of Their Own Human Species
    Continuing in the Most Passionate of Nature’s Ways

    It’s Still Nature Though As the Same Exact Loss Happens
    When the Rest of Nature Over Consumes Its Home Nature

    is the Leader
    Human is
    The Follower
    Witting or Not
    With SMiLes Meanwhile

    Hehe i Color the Moon
    Another Escapee From

    CULTuRaL Purgatory For Real
    As Our Distant Yet Still Closer Ancestors
    Danced And Sang And Breathed Life All the Way Through
    Yes Treasuring Every Moment Painting God For Real True
    New Colors of

    LoVE iN Peace
    In Love Always
    Now Child Prize
    of Village in New
    Colors YeS ACRoSS
    THE EnTire Life Span For Real…

    SMiLes mY FRiEnD Natural Anthropologist
    Participant Observer Sociologist Psychologist
    Health Scientist And Free Verse Poet So Nice to

    (Hehe Yes Those Were Also my Three College
    Degrees Along With Elements of Recreation
    And the Philosophy of Human Sports too

    In An Overall Philosophy of Dancing
    Singing Life Breathing Freer Newer NoW)

    Be Engulfed

    By Both Reason
    And Art in Balance

    Yet Indeed A Life Long
    Practice of Art Nope Never
    Science Alone ALonG Allone
    off of And On CouRSE ReaL NeWeR CoLorS NoW..:)

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