How to get over a breakup?

After experiencing a few heartbreaks, I think I can finally organize my thoughts and draft a blog about what to do when you experience a breakup.

To be honest with you, I haven’t mastered the art of “getting over someone”, actually I think no one can. Everyone has a different experience with breakups and everyone progresses through the breakup at their own pace. Some are quick to move on, some take time. Every breakup is different. Sometimes there is less emotional attachment and sometimes you realize that you have loved them deeply. That being said, over the years I have found a few things that help while dealing with a breakup. If you are going through a breakup, I hope you find these helpful.

Talk it out – During the initial stages of breakup, this is what you need to do. Talk about it with your partner (if that is possible, if it was a mutual decision). Or talk about it with your best friend. If you don’t feel like talking, write about whatever you are feeling in a journal or on the notes app on your phone. Express.

During the initial phase, one is usually experiencing a lot of emotions and it seems to be a roller coaster ride. It is okay. Breathe. Process what you are feeling in a healthy way. Cry if you feel like it. This person was an important part of your life, it is okay to feel sad that this ended. Remind yourself that you have your friends to support you. If it helps have a bucket of ice cream and watch Netflix with your friends or play Arijit Singh songs and cry your heart out.

Keep yourself occupied – It is okay if on some days you do not feel like getting up and going on about your day. It is okay to give yourself a break and take time to heal and do things you love. As time passes though, it is helpful to keep yourself occupied. Do things that are meaningful to you. Do things that you enjoy doing, not what others expect from you. This will serve as a distraction and help you keep negative thoughts at bay.

Do gardening if that is what makes you feel good, go for jogging everyday, dance once in a while, join a book club if you enjoy reading books. I personally like reading poems that resonate with me. I find solace in words in those poems and it makes me feel understood and less lonely.

Turn to your friends for support – Spend more time with your buddies! Most of the time, after a breakup people tend to feel lonely. There is a good solution for that, spend more time with your friends. In my personal experience social support works wonders when it comes to getting over a breakup or any negative event for that matter.

Try different activities with your friends you always wanted to do. Go for a short trip somewhere near your city or join a club for something you love doing and make new friends. If you prefer to be alone, have a call with your best friend once in a while. Do activities that make you feel good.

Know that it is not the end of the world – I know sometimes it feels like nothing will be the same anymore. And I get it, it feels terrible. But remind yourself “this too shall pass”. One day you will wake up and your heart won’t be in pain anymore, your head won’t hurt from all the overthinking. After a long time, you would feel okay.

No matter how bad it seems right now, just remember it will get better with time. Give yourself time to heal. It will get better, I promise! Sending lots of love and hugs! ❤ xoxo


9 responses to “How to get over a breakup?”

  1. All Great Advice
    With SMiLes..!..:)


    1. Thank you so much Katie! Hope you are doing well 🙂

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      1. As Always Dancing
        Singing Free LoVE iN
        Peace Thanks
        Dear Vrunda
        Hope You Are
        Doing Well Too

        With SMiles ☺️

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      2. Wow! that’s beautiful. Yes, I am doing well too! Watching a lot of BBT these days.. haha

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      3. Hehe “Little Sheldon”
        Is The only Show my
        Wife Records for me
        To Watch We Always
        Watched “The Big Bang
        Theory” Till The Series
        Ended Dear Vrunda
        With SMiles Happy
        To Hear You Are
        Doing Well Too☺️🙌

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      4. Its fun isn’t it! I am on the 7th season. Happy to know you’ve watched it too!

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      5. SMiles Dear Vrunda
        Happy To See
        You Are Able To
        Catch Up on ‘The
        Big Bang Theory’
        On Netflix Or Whatever
        Other Platform You Use

        iNDeeD Technology
        Offers Most Anything
        Now At Fingertip Ease

        Hehe i Stay So Busy
        Creating i Still Am

        Not Able to
        Find A Place
        Of Date To
        See The


        ‘Avatar’ Movie
        Yet Here i Am
        HAha As Only
        An Avatar Of
        Words With


        Even More☺️🏝🙌

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      6. I saw the Avatar movie yesterday, it’s really good. Do watch it as you get time. 🙂

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      7. Thanks i Surely
        Will With SMiles☺️

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