She loves reading poems
for when she reads
she finds the words that comfort her,
challenge her,
teach her how to live.
Poems are her only escape
and a way to express
what she feels so deeply.
She rewrites the poems
that she loves
with her shaky hands
on a old piece of paper
and tucks them besides her pillow.
Every night she reads those words
and wakes up wanting to read more.
She drowns herself
in poetry
rubbing those words off her body
because that’s the closest
that she can get
to becoming a poem herself.

© Vrunda Chauk


9 responses to “poems”

  1. Dear Vrunda, but you are a poem already!


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    1. Haha.. thanks Joanna! 🙂


      1. You are welcome!


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  2. I loved it Vrunda..I can see indepth feelings of a heart.

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    1. Yeahh.. its literally my mood rn. Reading as many poems as I can find. Poems can be a saviour you know…


      1. Yes Vrunda.. I agree with your point.

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      2. 💛💛💛
        Thanks for reading! 🙂


      3. My pleasure Vrunda..I will stay connect with your blog.😊😊😊


  3. Searching Deep Within
    Finding Art of Heart
    Through Poetry RiSinG

    Touching Our SPiRiT
    HeARTS of Emotions More

    Integrating Senses As Feelings
    Regulating Bringing Synergies

    Of Emotions in Peaceful Deeper

    Balancing Breathing Life More As Love

    Than Discomfort
    of Not Reaching
    A Mark Of Peaceful
    Loving Wings RiSinG
    As The Waves of Life Ocean
    Go More Smoothly As Water

    Becomes Ours
    To Drink And

    Give Free

    Water So Deep
    Within Blood of
    Love Coming Freely
    In Streaming FLoWinG Peace

    Beautiful Poetry Dear Vrunda
    Soul Dancing Singing Freely Breathing..:)


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