beautiful as you

What if i tell you
I crave your warmth
When you are not around
What if I tell you
I think about you every night
As I go to bed
And wake up
With a smile on my lips
What if I tell you
I love taking care of you
And think of different ways
To make you smile
What if I tell you
I want to share my life with you
Including the little things of my day
And all of my nights
What I feel for you
Is so beautiful and pure
As beautiful
As you

© Vrunda Chauk


3 responses to “beautiful as you”

  1. Ah SMiLes Again
    Dear Vrunda What
    A Wonderful Love

    Poem WHeRE ALL

    Becomes Focus

    Of Loved One

    No Room For
    Distraction Single
    Pointing Direction

    Love Overcomes All
    Else Never To Be Disturbed
    In Most Transcending Bliss

    Usually It Lasts
    Around 18 Months
    or So After That Ya
    Better Be Best FRiEndS
    With SMiLes to Truly Make

    IT ACross Rocky Terrains ReaLiTY BRinGS

    True It’s All About Mountain Climbing
    Falling Slow


    Finding Balancing
    More Above Than Below…

    Ships With Sails And Anchors True
    Fair Winds Following Seas to Explore

    Safe Harbors
    For Rough


    Ocean Disturbing
    Waters Indeed STiLL SMiLinG..:)

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