Telling my parents I need to see a therapist

“Mom, I think I need to go see a therapist.”


“Yes, I think I should consult a therapist.”

“Ohhhh.. What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt?”

“No, mom! Not the physiotherapist. A psychologist, counsellor, therapist.”

“Oh… For whom?”

“Not to recommend to anyone, I personally want to see a therapist.”

“What? Are you serious? But aren’t you one yourself?”

“No mom.. I’m just a psychology student, I’ll be a psychologist next year after completing my MA. But that has nothing to do with this. Even therapists see other therapists.”

“Umm.. okay”

“Yeah. So I’ll start looking for therapists now.”

“But I don’t get it. Why do you want to see a therapist suddenly? Is everything okay?” She asks in a very concerned voice.

“Everything is… fine mom. Its just…. I have some issues that I need help overcoming.”

“Like what?”

“There are a lot of issues mom. Like I get angry easily….”

“Oh.. that’s easy. I know what you should do for that.”

“You do? What??”

“Meditate! Its the best medicine you know… Prescribed by ayurveda and our ancient monks”

“Yeah.. I know meditation can help. But that’s not the whole thing. I need someone to guide me. Someone I can talk to about things.”

“Okay…. But I will accompany you to the therapist.”

“Okayy, but they are not going to let you in the counselling room.”

“What? Whyyy? I am your mother. I need to know if you have any problem in your life.”

“Mom.. it doesn’t work that way… And I will be fine. I promise.”



“I guess its okay that you are doing it on your own. And there is nothing wrong in getting some help… I will help you find a good counsellor nearby.”

This is how the conversation went first time I told my parents I want to see a therapist. Thankfully they were on board sooner than I expected. But I find few instances in this conversation funny and hence sharing it. But jokes aside, mental health is worth seeking help for. Talk to your parents, friends and seek a good therapist.


4 responses to “Telling my parents I need to see a therapist”

  1. You’re seeing a therapist? I have the same questions…. I mean if therapists see other therapists, doesn’t it mean they’re not qualified enough to listen to other people and charge you for it?

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  2. SMiLes Dear Vrunda What An Honest An Open
    Post About the Value of Seeking Avenues for
    Greater Mental Health as It Appears There

    Is a Lot More Stigma Associated With
    That Still In India Than the United States
    Today As There Really Is No Choice in the United
    States As Studies Show Folks Your age are 8 scale
    More Depressed in Longitudinal Studies From Almost

    A Century Before Even During Economic Struggles of
    “The Depression” in the United States as Over 50 Percent

    of Parents Believe

    There is A Mental Health
    Crisis And There is As in Ivy
    League Colleges Students Close
    to Your age From Generation Z Are
    Assessed With Depression At Levels
    of 40 Percent That Limit Life Functioning
    And 60 Percent With Life Limiting Anxiety too

    Scales of Loneliness For Young Folks Without Even
    Any Real Flesh and Blood Acquaintances are Rising Higher

    Than Ever Before As even though We Are So Connected Online
    Text Communication Only Relates About 7 Percent of What Comes

    From Real Flesh and
    Blood Interaction

    Everything All the
    Other Senses Bring
    in Feeling Ways Why People

    Who Meet Online often Find
    The Person in Flesh and Blood
    Not All What They Imagined Them to Be…

    Additionally Sadly Where the Average Human Being
    Is Scientifically Assessed With the Literal Attention of
    A Gold Fish And Less Yes Less Than 3 Seconds As Who Has

    Room For Attention
    in a Constant World
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    Screens Are Turned on All Day Long

    True if We Stop Moving We Stop Being
    Able to Regulate Our Emotions and Integrate
    Our Sense As They Flow Moving From Head to Toe

    Sitting Still Mediation Is Not Nearly Enough in A Fast
    Paced World Where Moving Meditation May Be All that

    Burns off The Stress Hormones
    Lingering in Our Blood Streams
    That May Cause OutBursts of Anger

    And Even Panic Attacks As We May Implode
    ThiS WaY With Too Much Unresolved Literal Stress

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    Yes i Will Always See a Psychiatrist Quarterly

    Even if they Use me as An Example of

    Hope For Their Worst Cases of

    Depression and Anxiety

    As Hehe For 66 Months

    That is What they Assessed
    me as until i Came Out of The DarK

    i Don’t Require Any Medication Yet i Surely

    Understand Both the Depths and Heights of Life

    iN DaRK
    And LiGHT
    So Very Fully

    And Yes i Have Degrees
    in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
    Including Psychology Along With Anthropology
    And Health Science too True a Triple Major for me
    Way Back in 1983 Yet It’s True That Education Barely

    Scratched the
    Surface For What
    Experiences With Literally
    Hundreds of Thousand of Folks
    In Life Will Really Bring and It’s Also

    True in the United State at Least When a Psychiatrist
    is Trained They Must See A Psychotherapist Themselves

    As Like the Rest of Us They Are Only Human too And They Do
    Often Find Unresolved Issues They Must Balance Before They are

    Qualified to Help Other Folks Yet When They Specialize With So Many

    Folks They Gain Insights

    Not Only Through their

    Education Yet Real Cases Studies too
    One of my Psychotherapists Never Imagined
    Free Dance and Poetry WILL Bring Emotional
    Regulation and Sensory Integration Head to Toe For

    Real Yet Now She Uses the Therapy Regularly Since i had
    to Find it All Naturally Myself Without Any Lessons From Anyone Else

    Yet Modern Science Shows it Works

    And It is Even Approved Therapy

    As Hehe Through 17,411 Miles of Public Dance
    in 110 Months and 11 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse
    Poetry in 110 Months too i’ve Found What Always Works

    For me Now FRiEnDS With Gravity Simply Peace in Harmony of Love For All

    Indeed We all Need Lifelong Therapy of Some KIND to Do this in Life For Our

    Best Life Now

    It’s Clear to See

    You Want the Same For
    Yourself and Are Willing to Do
    Whatever it Takes to Do it my FRiEnD

    Sadly For those who Ignore it they pay the Price of
    Karma in Terms of Action or Lack of Action And Consequences for real…

    Ya Can Take A Horse to a Well to Drink the Water Yet You Can’t Make them
    Drink What Will even save their Life Yet of Course Most Horses Have More

    Common Sense

    Than to Not Drink
    What Brings Them Life

    Humans Have Imagination
    A Two Edged Sword That May
    Bring Greatest Dreams or Nightmares

    to Fruition for
    Real an ‘Interesting
    Mix We Are’ Per ‘Contact’ Indeed mY FRiEnD

    That’s an Old Movie With Jodie Foster About
    Trying to Reach Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    Finding A Mystical
    Journey Within

    As The Answers
    Always Breathed Within

    She Just Found An Inner Stellar
    Psychotherapist Who Worked For Her

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD in my Case No One
    Could Find the Answers for me Yet me

    And then i Shared Them With the Professionals

    And the First Psychiatrist Who Could Never Help me
    Regain my Emotions With Pills or Talk Therapy Actually

    Quit His Practice And Teaches

    Movement Therapy in an Hospital

    in South Florida As He Said i Helped

    to Inspire Him to Make the Change as He Just
    Got Literally Sick and Tired of Not Being Able to

    Help Folks

    With Pills and Such

    True Though Some Folks
    Find that Effective too Not for
    me though An Answer As Simple As Free Dance And Song..:)


  3. The message you spread of Mental Health, it is so much needed nowadays, and yes we cannot talk about everything to our parents, we do need someone to listen. Beautifully penned

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