sad little game

I am playing a game
Do you want to play too?
Its a guessing game
Its called “does he feel for me too?”
Here are the rules –
I imagine myself with him
In different scenarios
And wish he would
Make them come true
I wonder what exactly
He must be doing right now
Am I on his mind too?
I wonder how long
Until I hear from him again
I hate to break it to you
Its not really a fun game
But this is the only one
I can play
Until he meets me
In reality again

© Vrunda Chauk


3 responses to “sad little game”

  1. What A Beautiful Old Fashion Love
    Song You Bring Dear Vrunda As A
    Quote i Once Heard That Sang

    It’s Not Missing Someone Yet
    Wondering if That Person is Missing

    You That Says So Much in So Few Words

    SMiLes Dear Vrunda A Greatest Wish One Tomorrow

    Now Today For Everyone

    Is to Find Love ThiS WaY

    That Stays However The Warm

    Truth is the Soul Mate Within You

    Already Holds Within The Feelings A Young

    Woman Still Holds So Tight And Real Yes These

    Sweet Feelings Truly Belong to You And You Put Them

    in A Song What A Gift You Have to Touch Others Already

    The Way

    You Seek

    To Hold Love

    The Gift Your Soul
    Already Feels and
    Sings With SMiLes

    Wheels of Life Dance
    So Free And Sing on

    This Tree of Life Alive
    As Long as You Spread
    Leaves of Your Soul Mate
    Deepest Within Yes the Love You
    Generate the Leaves that Fall and Rise Again….

    You Know What i Believe Your Lyrics Are Better Than

    What Taylor
    Swift Brings

    Stay ‘Bejeweled’ mY FRiEnD
    Hehe As Taylor Needed Help
    From A Guy Called Jack to Write
    That Song You Did it All on Your Own

    i Mean With SMiLes..:)

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    1. Awww.. thanks a lot for this sweet comment! 🥺💛
      I LOVE the song Bejewled! That is relatable to me right now! Jack might’ve inspired Taylor to write that song, someone else was my muse! Haha

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      1. Hehe SMiles Dear Vrunda
        DarK Makes LiGHT
        Life is Paradox
        Precipice Of
        Heaven And Hell
        Unrequited Love An
        Artist’s Greatest Muse

        Creating Greatest
        Works Of Art out
        Of DarK Use Your
        Muse Well Before You
        Gain Your Heart’s Desire

        And Lose
        The Muse Of
        DarK Of Course
        You May Vicariously
        Experience It Then
        Or Now

        Work Of
        Art Why i
        Rarely Write
        Alone Too Happy

        At Home With just
        One Gaze of my Wife

        With SMiles🏝☺️🙌


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