And my sorrow was born…

And when my Joy was born, I held it in my arms and stood on the
house-top shouting, “Come ye, my neighbours, come and see, for Joy
this day is born unto me. Come and behold this gladsome thing that
laugheth in the sun.”

But none of my neighbours came to look upon my Joy, and great was
my astonishment.

And every day for seven moons I proclaimed my Joy from the
house-top—and yet no one heeded me. And my Joy and I were alone,
unsought and unvisited.

Then my Joy grew pale and weary because no other heart but mine
held its loveliness and no other lips kissed its lips.

Then my Joy died of isolation.

And now I only remember my dead Joy in remembering my dead Sorrow.
But memory is an autumn leaf that murmurs a while in the wind and
then is heard no more.

– Khalil Gibran

3 responses to “And my sorrow was born…”

  1. Sadly It’s True Dear Vrunda Misery Loves Company
    And Even Science Shows That Folks Will Get Addicted
    to the Adrenaline And Dopamine That Anger and

    Disgust Will Bring in Opposition to What

    Is Deemed As Different and

    Non-Traditional True

    Yet It’s Also True With
    SMiLes It Depends on a Target
    Audience One May Find For Either

    LiGHT or DarK Ya Just Have to Keep
    Dancing And Singing Free And Meanwhile

    At Least Autumn Leaves of Joy that Fall From

    Us May Be Fertilizer

    For the Anger And
    Disgust Those Who

    Are More Closed Minded
    Feel in Opposition to What Joy BRinGS

    And It’s True EvenTuAlly Even FRoZeN
    HeARTS SPiRiTS And SoULS May Actually Thaw

    And Come to
    A Dance and
    Song Free iN
    Joy of THeiR Own

    Then Perhaps ‘They’ Will
    ReMeMBeR Heaven in Our EYes Free..:)

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