Multiple benefits of one act of kindness

If you perform one act of kindness, you are likely to experience all or most of the following benefits –

1. You feel good, happy :)))))
2. The person who receives (or benefits from) your kindness feels happy 😀
3. Your actions inspire others to act in a kind manner themselves. (kindness is contagious!)
4. It gives you a happy memory. The one you can reflect back on when you feel low in future.
5. It makes you feel good about yourself. For once you believe that you are a good human being.
6. Performing multiple acts of kindness, releases feel-good hormones which boost your immunity.
7. You might receive praise from others about your acts of kindness. (this won’t benefit you in the long run if you are being kind just so someone would compliment or praise you)
8. It makes you believe in the goodness of people.
9. It increases positive emotions and love within you which leads to more such pro social behaviours.
10. Karma. You will receive kindness from someone else in future.


One response to “Multiple benefits of one act of kindness”

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda So True
    Kindness is Win-Win All Around
    The Human Condition DarK Thru

    LiGHT As Yes Even Science
    SHows One Act of Kindness
    Without Expect of Return

    Will Bring Potential More
    Joy for Months to Come

    As A Practice of Life Always

    Just iMaGiNE How Joyful We
    Will Be Practicing Kindness
    THiS Way

    All Through Life
    Hehe As ‘They’ Say
    Even Better “Just Do It”

    With No Concern For ‘Shoe Sales’ hehe
    Likes Follows Shares Money And All That ‘Stuff’..:)


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