Things I know about emotions

There’s no use fighting/denying emotions. I learnt this through trial and error. Denying emotions or expecting that you should never feel these particular emotions towards certain people does not help. At all. Sooner or later you will have to accept whatever you have been feeling and just let it be.

Some emotions are temporary and therefore it hurts less if you don’t react and just let them pass. Again, learnt through personal experience. You must’ve heard of this phrase – you are the sky and emotions are clouds. This is exactly what I mean. While some clouds (I mean emotions) stay for a longer period of time, most of them are fleeting. If you just let them pass through you and maintain a non judgemental and accepting attitude, you will overcome them pretty soon.

Compassion has many benefits. Speaking of emotions I think experiencing compassion had many benefits. Compassion helps you to truly connect with others. It is a building block for sustainable relationships. Self compassion helps you maintain a kind and non-judgemental attitude towards yourself even when things go wrong. Thinking kind thoughts about yourself will change the way you feel about yourself, from being critical of yourself to experiencing compassionate attitude towards yourself.

Analysing negative emotions takes their power away. Writing about my emotions has always helped me. But recently I found a research done on this which said that when you write you analyse your thoughts and put them on paper which is helpful while dealing with negative emotions. Just thinking about negative events or ruminating about them hurts more.

Strong negative emotions have something to tell you. You learn a lot from emotions that don’t feel good. You learn about yourself, what you like and what you dislike. Guilt makes you realise that you have done something that you shouldn’t have. When you are sad you realise how much that thing matters to you. Take a moment to understand the underlying thoughts of a particular emotion.

Being kind to yourself is much needed. As you show kindness and compassion towards others, remember to feel it towards yourself as well. You deserve your love and your kindness as much as anyone else, if not more. Especially on a hard day, self compassion can feel like a sip of cold water on a hot day.


4 responses to “Things I know about emotions”

  1. Such A Well Put Group of Verses For All the Importance
    of Human Emotions Dear Vrunda As Even Science

    Shows Our Feeling Sensing Emotions Are
    Behind Most Reasons That We Create

    For Existence Now and Illusions
    of Past And Future too Other

    Than This Reality New Now

    Emotions the Glue of Cognitive
    Executive Functioning Per Laser
    Focus Short Term Working Memory
    And Long Term Memory Retrieval As Well…

    For Those Folks Particularly Dudes Who Live
    in Toxic Patriarchal Ways Who Suggest Emotions
    Are Only For Women And ‘Sissy Mush’ For Men

    They Truly Have Little Clue That They Are Turning
    Off So Many of THeir Human Potentials as the Root

    oF All Existence We Experience Both Subconsciously
    And Consciously Real Regulating Emotions Integrating

    Senses in Ways of Graceful Moving Flowing Meditating
    Dance And Free Song From Deep Within Truly Becoming

    One With the Great ‘Master’ of Our Mind the Right Hemisphere
    Way of Processing Existence Our Realities So Much Deeper than

    Only Words
    True This is the
    Essence of Centuries
    Upon Centuries Still of

    Eastern Philosophies

    Center of Our UNiVeRSES

    Our ReaLiTiES STarTinG New With

    Our Feelings Senses FLoWinG NoW
    Head to Toe And More Moving New

    Connecting Co-Creating ToGeTHeR Free
    Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete All THiS Way

    Greatest Strength Comes From Peace And Love

    Greatest Will Comes From Peace And Love

    Simply For In This Place

    There is No Fear

    And Eternal

    Life Now With
    Not Even Any Fear of
    Death As That Only Happens
    in the After-Life That Sadly Ignorance
    in Many Cases Tends to Worship Most

    Yet as ‘They’ Say Everything Comes From Nothing

    Yet It’s Worth Noting Science Doesn’t Measure Beyond ‘Things’…

    The Deeper Place Within Continues to Breathe Beyond Form Yes

    And Love
    For Real Now
    Ever Radiating New

    HeaRT SPiRiT SoUL More…:)


  2. Emotions can hold such wisdom and lessons. Thank you for sharing 🙏

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! 💛 Glad you liked it! 🙂

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  3. Thank you, Vrunda, for your astonishing at your age wisdom!



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