letter to ex bff

Dear ex best friend,

I don’t know why you stopped talking to me, ignoring all my efforts to stay in touch. That’s the worst, you know? Ghosting. Leaving unanswered. So many questions popped up in mind over the months.

You were my bestest friend after all. Why did you choose to ignore me? What could I have possibly done to offend you so much that you just decided to walk away?
I used to think “no one gets me like she does, she’s my girl”. What do I do when I don’t get the reason behind your behaviour?

Its the first time I realised that yes, losing touch with your once best friend hurts so much more than effing breakup.
You were my safe space. When no one was there for me, you were. Hopefully I did the same for you. Then why did you choose to leave me broken and hurt? You know I’d do anything for you.

When you stopped talking, I thought maybe it’s just a matter of time. But as time passed, you became further distant from me. When I badly needed you, you were not there.

I see the pictures from our college days and I miss that person. But no, I don’t miss you. You’re not that person anymore.

I so wish you’d have talked to me for once. Whatever it was about, I promise I’d have done anything to fix it. Losing you was my worst nightmare, but I survived it.

I don’t know if I can trust anyone that much now. People say that it’s normal. You lose friends sometimes and that’s how it is. Even though I agree with them, I never thought that friend would be you.

I hope you are happy. I hope you’re doing well. Can’t call you to ask that too, huh?
Guess you’ll just ignore me once again.


3 responses to “letter to ex bff”

  1. So True Dear Vrunda
    Forever Is As Long As
    We Make Life An Act of

    Love More
    or Less Now

    SMiLes i Don’t
    Let Go Of Acting
    Human i’ve Already

    Lost That the Way Ya
    Keep it is Giving For Real
    As Thanks Giving Becomes For Giving

    Anyway i’m Sorry You Found Your Best FRiEnD
    Wasn’t Really Forever Now Perhaps Your Way May

    Be to Be the
    FRiEnD That
    Never Leaves
    An Act of Love For Real..:)


  2. Having long lasting friends is so important but again you can’t guarantee who will stick around for long. Enjoy the company of those who haven’t left and make equal effort from your side. Thinking about past relationships is such a waste of time I guess. By the way it really is normal. 😊

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    1. Yeahhh… Just had to express what I’d been feeling for a long time this year. Learning to be okay with it 🙂
      And yes! This incident made me really appreciate the ones I still have by my side.. those who still choose to be with me. I am grateful for all these people! 💛🍀


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