a diss track

Harsh words, unkind remarks
One day after the other
For reasons that you cannot justify,
When I’ve been nothing but Kind and respectful
Towards you.

If respect is gained by all the little things
That you do constantly
Might I remind you,
It is also lost easily
When you find it difficult to live up to your own damn words.

How can I trust you
When everything you say is ironic
Don’t you feel ashamed to say things like –
“Be strong and work hard?”
When I see you be careless
And choose the easiest way out
When it’s time to pull your share of load

I look at you and I see
How you have degraded
From someone I used to look up to,
To someone I cannot trust.
From someone who I learnt from,
To someone I want to teach a thing or two.

Blaming others is what you do best,
Because you could never
Swallow your pride
And own up to the trouble caused by you.

Don’t you dare mistake
My silence for your victory
It merely means I have stopped caring long ago
And lost the hope that You can ever repair
What is broken by you.

So don’t go around trying to
Make me look like the bad guy
When the real villain is you

One response to “a diss track”

  1. Smiles Dear Vrunda Nice to See
    You Blogging Again Hopefully This
    Is Just Fictional Yet It’s True Some Folks

    Don’t Have A Very Good Relationship
    With Sincerity And Truth From Their HeART

    And It’s Also True Some Folks Actually Have

    A Stone Cold


    That Some Will
    Spend a Life Trying
    to Crack That Ice It’s
    True Not Everyone is
    Cut out to Babysit HeLL ON EartH…


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