Most of the things we do every day we do on a autopilot mode.

Without paying much attention, we do the things as we are habituated.

Without thinking much, we spend money on shiny, fancy items.

We lose the sense of what actually matters in the long run.

That’s why going about your day mindfully is now more important than ever.

Even reflecting on your day and writing a journal every day can help to you be in the present moment.

One response to “Autopilot”

  1. MaKinG And Or MaQueeN
    Every Word Holy And Sacred

    Song Every Move Holy And Sacred

    Dance Inhaling Every Breath Peace
    Exhaling Every Breath Love Really

    The Best Out

    Of This Present
    EternAlly Now Gift
    oF LiFE Dear Vrunda

    Giving Sharing Caring
    Healing All Least Harm

    As Now is The Best Time
    Of All to Do IT the Best Now

    So Yes! BREaTHE oN NoW WitH
    YouR Greater Work of LiFE!NoW!..:)


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