learning to love myself

What is it like to love yourself?
I am not sure,
but maybe when you like yourself,
You appreciate all your qualities,
And start getting comfortable with your quirks.
It is when the less likeable parts of you,
Don’t bother you too much.

Maybe it is when you start accepting
That you are not perfect all the time
In every single aspect
And start liking yourself for that
Because all of those parts make you, you.

Maybe loving yourself is a lot like
Loving someone else
Like when you love someone
You are kind to them
Even when things are not going well,
Loving yourself demands
The same kindness and care towards yourself

© Vrunda Chauk

One response to “learning to love myself”

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda Loving Yourself
    is Becoming Love Becoming Love
    Is Loving Yourself

    What Separation
    Is There in Love

    When We Become

    Love None Really Just
    More Love Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing Even More With SMiLes..:)


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