inner voice

“This is soo cool! Mom, Dad can I try it?”
“No” they said. “Don’t do it.”
“You will get hurt”
“You will break something”
“You will not be able to do it”
Once, twice, thrice,
It happened many times
After a while I stopped asking
Because whenever I came across
Something new, fun
It was my mind who said “don’t”
“You will never be able to do it.”

© Vrunda Chauk

3 responses to “inner voice”

  1. Wow, do I know that particular song and dance.

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    1. We need to unlearn it ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. SMiLes Dear Vrunda in Many
    Ways Fortunate As my Mother

    Never Really Put Forth Any expectations

    of Who She Felt i Could or Could Not Be or Do…

    And my Father Left

    Early And Rarely

    Visited So His
    Desire For me

    To Be Who He Wanted me
    To Be Was Really Never An
    Issue for Someone Absent in one’s Life…

    True in this Case Him Leaving At 3 Likely Truly

    Set me

    Free For Life
    Harder in Some
    Ways Yet Worth
    it in Most Ways Now..:)


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