When they do something wrong
I cannot say a word
I cannot protest
I cannot tell them it’s wrong
I cannot react the way I feel
I have to control my anger
When injustice is
Happening right in front of my eyes
I have to stay calm
Forget it ever happened
Because I am the younger one
In my family
And we don’t have the luxury
The freedom
To protest
If we do, we’re called spoiled brats
Emotional blackmailing is the result
Of speaking the truth
So we bite our tongue
Keep our thoughts at bay
And carry on with life
Like everything is okay

© Vrunda Chauk

3 thoughts on “brat

  1. Free Agency Yes

    Indeed So Rare in So
    Many Parts of the World
    And in Localities as Small

    As Families and Couples
    Along With Bigger Cultures
    Philosophies and Religions

    Along With Politics Of Course All
    Holding Hands Now Dear Vrunda

    Oh What Folks Will Sacrifice
    For Free Agency Oh How The

    Free Will Forget They Even Have
    Such A Treasured Gift to Explore New..:)


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