beauty around

There is so much beauty
That I get to witness
In this world
Cute puppies, beautiful flowers,
My love goofing around and being cute,
Kind acts of strangers,
Sometimes I wish
I could blink my eyes
And capture these moments
In my heart
And my soul

© Vrunda Chauk

3 responses to “beauty around”

    1. Thank youuu!! 💖🤗

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  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda Art Captures
    The Beauty in Life And Bitter Sweet

    in Grief too When We Transform

    DarK into LiGHT As of Course
    In Your Poetry You Capture

    The Contemplative
    Songs of Your
    Soul in

    Deepest Meditation
    of Flow this Way And SMiLes
    i Love Photography This way
    too Appreciating the Moment
    Recording it For Others to Enjoy


    Never Copyrights
    For me As Ideas of
    Material Gains No Part
    of Soul Songs And Dances For me

    And True Every Art We Originally
    Create is A Finger And Toe Print of
    Our Soul No one Else Will Ever Be Able

    to Replicate Within As Hehe impossible
    to Program A Computer to Do What i Have
    No Idea Comes Next From Depths of Soul Real…

    SMiLes There
    Really is No Greater
    Act Than Sharing All the
    LiGHT Thru DarK of Your

    Soul With the World And
    Even Strangers my FRiEnD
    For It’s True Long After Your
    Last Day This is How you Make
    FRiEnDS in the After life mY FRiEnD

    SouL Songs And Dances BREaTHE on this Way Indeed
    mY FRiEnD for You May Copy And Paste Your Soul Onto

    Other Souls
    That Come
    Your Way
    Yes Even After Death
    As True Givers Wanna
    Always See LiGHT After DarK Come Again..:)


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