it was you

What other choice did I have?
I’d look into the future
And see you and me
Drifting apart
But it was too soon to give up
On the love we felt for eachother
We had to keep going
As long as we could
Because in that present moment
The best thing I had, was you.

© Vrunda Chauk

7 thoughts on “it was you

  1. Another Lovely Romantic Poem
    Dear Vrunda Love We Have
    For Others is Love

    We Create
    We Actually
    Own To Give and
    Share And What We Come
    To See as LoVE iN Others is
    Surely Still the Love We Give And Share

    Always ReMeMBeR You Are the One Now
    Who Truly Holds The Key to How You Feel

    And Sense
    This Life
    Now Yes

    For it Will Be
    So Easy to Give
    Away our Love Never
    Realizing it is Always Ours to Keep

    And Still Give And Share it Away So Freely HeART SPiRiT
    Healing For What Fire LiVES Within Our Soul Now For Real..:)

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