Is it wrong to think that you are better off from here?
Is it wrong to also wish certain things to stay the same?
There seem to be many things that hold you back
To your roots
And many more things that excite you
To chase your dreams
Weird crossroad you’ve arrived at
No matter where you go
There’s something you have to give up
Maybe a life of comfort
Maybe an opportunity
No matter how much you love people around you
And want things to stay the same
Change is constant
A choice is all it takes

© Vrunda Chauk

5 thoughts on “crossroads

  1. SMiles Dear Vrunda
    Love the Poetic

    Coming Straight
    From Your SoUL
    Freeing SPiRiT oF Your HeART

    Autonomy Within Is Nice Generating Our
    Own Happiness By What We Love to Do

    However Moving

    Yes Co-Creating
    With Others Brings

    So Much Meaning and
    Purpose Along With All
    The Flowery Feelings in Change
    We Bring to Life Through Art of Our Creativity Now..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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