what they say vs what they mean

Behind the anger of “Why are you still on your phone?”
They slightly whisper “Please come and talk to us, we miss you”.


© Vrunda Chauk

7 thoughts on “what they say vs what they mean

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda As A Small Child
    my Mother Said i Was Always Coming
    Up With Some Way to Entertain the Family

    So Distant then when she told me that So Emotionally
    And Even Sensory Drained From Decades of Under the Gun

    At Work to Do Whatever it took to Keep a Job True A Life For
    So Many Folks Yet Some Relief With Gifts Like Health Care that

    May Not Be So
    Easily Lost Between
    Jobs Now as There Were
    Some Heart Beats Given

    to those Not so Fortunate
    At Least in the Last Couple
    of Decades this way Yet

    It’s True it wouldn’t

    Have Mattered For

    me if i Had A
    Smart Phone
    in my Hand or Not

    As Work Took All the Play
    of the Child Away From me
    And All i Had Left When Anyone
    Asked me What i Have Been Doing

    is Two Words Just Working Perhaps
    Three Just Working Working That Made

    Life Sound More Complete Than the True Empty it Was
    And Is Never Now Again And It’s True After Recovering From
    Devastating Illness Related From All the Work-Related Stress
    Particularly in the Last 11 Years of Work And Even More the
    Last Two With Acute Fight or Flight Stress Freezing me in

    The Place
    of Soul
    True No
    Zen Free
    Just FroZen Then

    Finally Like my Mother in Her
    50’s An Actual Published Poet
    i Gained That Inheritance of
    A Poetic Spark of Soul Where

    Beginning Reborn My Soul Became an
    Instrument With Free Dance And Song

    And Every Tuesday Evening Until Shortly
    Before She Passed Away in the Last Years of
    Her Life She Asked me to Read Some of the “SonG oF
    mY SoUL” From Deep Within my Poetic Soul And i Was


    As Soul
    For Her And
    True at Least i Got
    to See My Father Before
    He Died As A Whole Human
    And Several Other Close Relatives
    too Otherwise that Emptiness Would
    Have Never Been Filled And Felt Then mY FRiEnD

    It’s Hard It’s Hard to Be Fully Human When So Many
    Cognitions of the Machine the Tools Replace Our Souls
    With Stone

    As Colors



    into the
    of A Cog
    Just A Part
    of The Machine of CuLTuRE..:)


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