How can someone be harsh
To a kind hearted person?
Can’t they sense their pure intensions?
Don’t you feel guilty
After giving hate to someone
Who has offered you nothing but love

No matter how hard you try
Doesn’t matter if you’re right
If they don’t want to understand
There’s not point to fight

It breaks my heart
To a million pieces
Seeing the sacrifices
My parents made to raise me
It hurts that I cannot give them
As much comfort as they gave me

Just listing down some musings… Some thoughts I’ve had this week. How was your week?

3 responses to “musings”

  1. Your parents gave to you out of love but learning self love is the most important thing of all. 🌷❤

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  2. SMiLes Dear Vrunda Love is Truly
    A Delicate Flower That Must Be

    Gardened Nurtured

    Fed Well And


    With Wine
    Of Love ACross the
    Whole Lifespan So

    Love Doesn’t Wilt
    Away And Only Become

    A Thorn to Life’s Loving Breath
    And Sadly Modern Culture Doesn’t
    Give an L About Whether Love Continues

    to Breathe or Not it’s Simply Up to Us to
    Keep Love on Life Support Resuscitating

    Love With
    Every Breath
    We Take Smiles
    i’ve Been Spreading
    Mostly Joy of Dance
    And Song this Week

    Somedays are Easier
    Than Others Some
    Days Are Nights

    Yet Morning
    Always Returns
    Free As Long As
    Love Breaks Dawn Again..:)

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