Writing for myself

Hello guys, how are you doing? Hope you all are enjoying the new year and taking care of yourself at the same time.

I want to start by asking you a question today – What was the reason behind starting your blog? Or why did you start writing for that matter?

And since you cannot reply to me quickly, I will take this opportunity and share my own experience with writing. Maybe you can relate somewhat to my journey as a writer.

So to be very honest, I never thought of being a writer. Ever. If you had asked me few years ago – why do you write? I’d have a simple answer – I write for myself. So that I could finally put my thoughts and feelings into words. I am an emotional person and I feel things deeply, so of course I needed a place to express my thoughts clearly! Writing is that escape for me. I write about my thoughts, feelings, hopes and struggles. At times while writing I express the things I cannot say out loud. Even while writing about it I feel vulnerable. But after I am done writing, it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can connect the dots and understand things better now.

Writing has been fun for me since I initially started writing. Because all that time I was just writing about my thoughts as they came to my mind (like right now).

When I started this blog, I thought of adding some structure to my thoughts. I started planning what I wanted to write and how I would like to put forth my idea. I thought of different ways to make the content intersting and relatable. Having said that, I agree that there are still some blogs that I have written in one go and not given much attention to the grammar and structure of the sentence and was just ranting or expressing whatever I was feeling.

Even after all these years, one thing remains constant. While writing, I try to express myself in a authentic way. If I don’t like a certain concept or if I am not feeling good, I will hardly ever fake and show off that things are going pretty well. On this blog I have been honest about my struggles and I have expressed my genuine thoughts about certain concepts. (I try to be as honest as I think is necessary, honest enough that some people can relate with me, but not too much that I would feel uncomfortable).

The best part of writing for me is that, it helps me build a narrative about things happened in past and cherish hope about the things that can happen in future. It also helps me express the chaos in my mind about the daily hassles that I am going through.

So what’s your story? How did you start writing? And how do you feel now about writing? Let me know in the comments.

P.S – the inspiration for this blog came from a very good friend of mine and a fellow blogger Vasudha Parkhi. She has written about her experience with writing and I thought of doing something similar.

Please check out her blog – https://vasudhaparkhi.wordpress.com Show some love! ❤️❤️❤️

2 responses to “Writing for myself”

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda i Started Blogging

    As Most of the Folks i Was Hanging Around

    With Only Wanted to Debate Each Other

    To Win Arguments Like Writing

    Is A Contest i Started

    Writing to Generate

    My Own LiGHT to
    Make me Happy Wherever
    Freedoms of My Soul Fly Higher

    And Yes
    it Really
    Works As

    Life Becomes
    One Barrel of Joy

    In Gratitude For ALL

    And True Not Afraid of
    The DarK Either to Celebrate
    The LiGHT Without Cynicism too With SMiLEs..:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww! It’s honour for me to be an inspiration behind this blog of yours! You are a major part of why I started writing again and even thought of getting wordpress. I love your writing! Keep doing you!
    Love ❤️


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