Things we do for love

Isn’t it weird? The things we do for love…
Sometimes we go all in and do every single thing we can think of to make him/her feel better.

Sometimes we do something stupid and make a fool out of ourselves when we were just doing it for the person we love.

Sometimes we endure things we don’t want to for the person we love and accept all the messy parts of their personality even when it’s the most difficult thing to do.

Sometimes we are patient for love, waiting that someday someone will come and give us the love we deserve…

Unknowingly we change ourselves in the process of loving someone.. sometimes it makes us a better person, but sometimes we become bitter.. sometimes we change in the ways we never thought we would, both good and bad

Loving someone deeply affects you to your core.. they become a very important part of your life and they influence your personality, your behaviour, your thinking in many many ways…

I feel like in many ways love is the most powerful force in the world. It can show you beauty and strength but at times it can also leave you heartbroken and weak.

But the good news is, you can find for love in more than one place. If someone broke your heart, you can find many people in your life who will love you enough that you will feel better. And slowly they will mend the broken pieces of your heart like kintsugi art.

When you give everything you have to love one person and when they break your heart don’t forget to look around you. Maybe you are surrounded with people who love you just for who you are, while you are busy chasing the one person who doesn’t care.

6 thoughts on “Things we do for love

  1. Abused kids grow up void to understand loyalty, love

    We know betrayal, distrust and violence

    Love is something I have never experienced

    Going either way

    Many many like me out there

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