Life of an overthinker

When I am in a group of people,

I think of something to say

And then I think about whether it is okay to say so

And then I overthink

And overthink

And overrrrrthink

And by the time I come up with a perfect response,

The topic has already changed And everyone has left.

End of the story.

P.S – Then after many such instances, you realise you don’t even come up with many things/ideas to say now, coz now your brain knows you don’t speak up.

One thought on “Life of an overthinker

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda Nice to See You Back in the
    Blogging World For the New Year 2022 Hope

    All You Love is Safe and Well Through
    All Challenges of Life Coming Around
    More For ALL it Seems And Yes This

    Issue of Being Trapped in One’s
    Head Seemingly So That may

    Be More of A Left Brain
    Thinking Metaphor
    of Detail Thinking

    So Far Away From Big
    Pictures That Flow in Emotional
    Harmony Springing Words in Balancing

    Flow and It’s True Free Verse Poetry Helps
    Open the More Right Hemisphere Connecting

    Deeper Emotions With Words and It’s true Even
    Science Shows That A Free Dance of Movement

    In Flow Will Even Allow Us Greater Insights into
    The Emotions Flowing Through Other Human beings

    Head to Toe As Our Emotions and Senses and Words

    All Come Greater Into Play This Way as Social Reciprocal
    Communication May Indeed Become easier to Play this way

    Hehe It Works
    For me And
    Science Shows
    It Works for Some
    Others too As to Escape

    So Much A Left Brain Think
    Way Trapped Away From More
    Social Empathic Artistic Natural
    Spiritual Intelligences Again Just
    Naturally Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating This Way…

    Yet of Course Hehe i Rate 100 Percent Open Minded,
    And 100 Percent Extroverted; Yes And About 0 Percent
    Neuroticism, And Yes With No Problems Saying No to
    What i Don’t Agree With In Life and Plenty of Focus in
    Flow to Be Conscientious Enough to Finish What i am

    Doing Now Without Falling off A Twitter Breath of Loss
    of Focus and Attention to One Task At Hand True This

    Is Easier or Harder to Do Depending on Personality Traits
    too Yet Human Beings Do Have Great Epigenetic and Neuroplastic
    Potentials for Change As Caterpillars Make it Through Cocoons and

    Finding Themselves A Brand New Creation Simply Flying Reborn This


    Newer Now
    mY FRiEnd
    Anyway Nice
    to See You around
    Blog Land Again with SMiLES..:)


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