distractions and priorities

I watch motivational videos
And get mad at myself
For not working hard enough
For procrastinating
For wasting time overthinking
But in this modern age
Of advertising and shine
It is easy to get distracted
There are series I need to watch
Clothes I need to buy
Hangouts I need to have
And I just feel stuck
How to prioritise things?
What matters the most?
For me, working hard seems the right way
Because now is the time
To focus on myself
My growth
My dreams.

4 thoughts on “distractions and priorities

  1. SMiLes Dear Vrunda

    Humans Are Evolved to
    Focus on One TasK in Flow
    Without Distraction Lest

    When Foraging for Survival

    We Lose Sight of Prey or

    Predator Captures Us
    And Eats

    Us Dead

    From Whatever
    Distraction Otherwise
    Came our Way Before the End…

    Thing is Now We Are Distracted

    And Don’t Get Eaten Alive We Worked

    Together Cooperatively Great in A Way
    Of Collecting Giving Sharing Knowledge This

    Way In Words And Other Symbols of Media We
    Still Create Now Problems Is Problems Are We

    Have Become More

    The Machines

    We Create

    To Make Life

    Easier And Now
    Life is Sort of A
    Rat Treadmill With
    Endless Windows

    And Tabs Open

    Going Every

    Which Way yet

    Narrow Focus on one Task
    Key is Mastering the Tool And Not
    Becoming Slave to the Tool As Machine
    Dear Friend Key is Discipline And in my
    Case Hehe Key is a Wife Who Wants to Do
    The Rest of the Modern Culturally Contrived
    Conveniences That Make for So Much Distraction in Life!

    i Suffered From ADHD Raised on TV
    Black And White From Age 7

    Before that i Imagined

    Anything is Possible

    And Now i Do it

    Again For

    What is More
    Possible in Creativities When Human
    Potential is Focused And Totally on Task!

    Yet Here’s A Most Important Variable of All
    In Engineer And Computer Classes When i Was
    in College Anciently From 1978 to 1983 Graduating
    With 3 College Degrees There Were Signs Warning

    Students Don’t Forget You Are Human Make Social
    Empathic Artistic Spiritual Intelligences Even More
    A Priority Than Just Schooling Mechanical Cognition
    That Solves Things More Than People in Cooperation Still…

    For It’s True Science Shows That Mechanical Cognition Used
    To the Desert Life of the Other Intelligence Potentials Wither
    That Potential Away and We Grow Cold In those Intelligences

    Of Potential

    More and


    And It’s Also
    True Those Nerds/Geeks
    Who Worked with Things
    More Than People in Their
    Parent’s Garages Well Now We Are

    Slave to Gates And Zuckerberg

    Ways of Systemizing Life Welcome

    To the World of Mechanical Cognition


    And Geeks

    too as of Course

    As Science Shows

    They Built The World

    of Online And Faster

    Data Downloads

    For Greater

    Access to Downloading

    All Kinds of Varieties of ‘Pretty Birds’ This Way…

    All Because Some Pimply Faced Pale Boys Couldn’t Get A Date…

    At Least in Part…

    Clue: Now

    Don’t Succumb

    Too Much to

    the Revenge

    Of the Nerds Hehe…

    It’s Really Totally Humanly

    Whole in Potentials Insane

    What Can And Will You Do Yet

    Laugh And Master the Tool

    And Not Be A Slave

    to Someone


    Home Garage
    Project HAha..

    It’s No Secret i was
    A Nerd and Geek First
    Before i Became A Whole Human More my FRiEnD

    In Terms of the Science of What Makes A More Mechanical
    Cognition Thinking Person or Wings of A Social Empathic



    In Tune Butterfly

    With Wings Escaping

    Only A Logical Neo-
    Cortical And
    Older Reptile
    S N A K E
    Brain Way

    That No Longer
    Finds A Destination
    Easier of LoVE With
    LiMBiC System HeART…

    And to Be Clear Computer
    Brains Are Useful And Snakes
    Are Lovely Creatures Yet HeART
    Without Art SmART Without Art

    Is Basically

    Just H E
    And S And M Without Art

    So Cold So Very Reptile FAcTuaLLY So…


  2. No worries darling…you’re becoming wise to the ebb and flow of life❤️❤️🤗🤗

    Recognition of the endless distractions, and assessing the reality of your dreams and goals, and the discipline required to realize them, is an essential step to maintaining balance.

    Truth: some days are better than others. Just keep with it and do your best and when you look back you’ll see that most days are moving in the right direction 😘🥰


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