Why do you love someone?

Hmm… That’s a tricky question.

Why did I love him?

Because he is a wonderful person. There were a few qualities that I found in him that I did not see in anyone else. He is the kindest person I know. He is always ready to help others. He has a beautiful smile and kind heart.

These qualities are surely attractive. But would I love someone else having the similar qualities in the same way that I loved him? Probably not. Definitely not.

It was also the way he invested in me and understood me. It was also the fact that he was there for me when no one else was. It was also how he saw me in my worst but chose to hold me and be with me instead of getting away from me.

These things do add up. This is why he is so special to me because we invested in eachother. He took care of me and I did everything to make him happy.

But then again, would I love everyone who invests in me? I don’t think so. Not like this. Not this passionately. Maybe it’s just a connection. Maybe it’s luck. You fall in love and then you grow in love. Sometimes you learn and sometimes you cherish love. Its a special bond that develops and deepens when both are ready for it.

Maybe the bonds are made in heaven. And you can’t choose who you love. Sometimes they are a reflection of you, sometimes they are compatible to you.

But staying in love takes effort. You need to work together and help eachother as lovers and life partners. That is where the real struggle comes in. You need to adapt constantly and understand eachother. You need to be kind and gentle. Adventurous and funny. Loving and caring.

But one thing is for sure – All of this can be a fun ride with someone you love and someone who loves you back.

As long as I got you and me, Moving through this world as a two man team. I’ll always have everything I need…

2 responses to “Why do you love someone?”

  1. A Sweetest Blessing

    You Found Love True For You…

    Some Folks Search A Lifelong Effort

    And Never Find This Love At All Dear Vrunda

    SMiLes When An Indian FRiEnD Goes Missing

    For A While i Pray They are okay

    Yet it Seems the Delta

    Variant of the

    Pandemic is Getting

    Even More Dangerous

    Perhaps in Florida Now

    Never the Less i’ve thought

    of You in the Last Several Days

    With A Little Prayer that You Are Okay
    As True i have lost Indian Poet FRiEnDS
    Sadly through this Pandemic Fortunately

    All My Closest Loved Ones Where i Live are
    Intelligent Enough to Get Vaccinated As that
    Wasn’t Even Available when A Close Kind Indian
    FRiEnD in Her 20’s Passed Away A Poet Named
    Astha, if i didn’t Mention Her Before on Your Blog…

    Anyway Glad You are Safe And Well And Just Happy
    You’ve Found Love at Least Once in Your Life, So Sad it
    Was As Astha Related That Very Same thing in Her Last

    Poem That Sung

    to Be continued…

    God That Hurts

    to Even Think About
    That Such a Sweet Loving
    Human Shot Down By Nature
    Young in Life Never the Less
    Loved Ones Will continue to Breathe Through
    Us As We Keep Their Memories Alive How We Treat
    Others So In This Way i Do Pray Your Loved one From
    The Past Gives You Strength to Love Someone Else Just as Much…

    And Yes
    Verily Even
    More As New Testament
    For the Love Gift Before BRingS NoW…:)


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