Meaningful moments

Q – When do you experience little meaningful moments in your life?

When I write
When I read
When I help someone
When someone helps me
When I feel grateful
When I pray
When I am outdoors, observing, enjoying, feeling nature
When I talk to my parents, grandparents and my sister
– When I work on Positive Psychology
When I have good food that nourishes me
When I workout and stretch my limits
When I travel
When I take care of a child
When I teach someone
When I watch anime… (I mean their stories are so meaningful and beautiful!)

5 responses to “Meaningful moments”

  1. I feel every aspect you have jotted down gives us meaningful and different experiences, When people of diff state, country acquaint you with their culture.


  2. When someone helps even before you ask for it. Such people ❤️ Btw share a list of your fav anime maybe? I’d like to watch them.


  3. Beautiful! Yes!!
    So Inspiring



    To Your

    To Do List Of Joy!!🙌☺️


  4. Great list Vrunda. Why do you think these things give you a sense of meaning while other activities fall flat? Building others? Connecting to something greater than yourself?

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    1. Yeah.. its like a mixture of all this.. connecting with others is definitely meaningful. Also writing, reflecting on my thoughts is meaningful for me. Taking care of a child is like a sense of responsibility and meaning, like you have give your best care and play for the child. Teaching someone is like transfer to knowledge to people, it definitely meaningful. As in I feel like contributing something to the world.. so yeah. Every activity has some aspect of meaning attached to it

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