Things that changed after I got a job

Umm… There are many things that changed actually. I’ll be honest and list a few most important ones here.

So you guys must be wondering why so many work related posts these days? The first reason is that I don’t have anything else to write about. I mean work literally takes up most of the time in my day. Oh my goodness! I just realised I do sound like an 35 year old woman. See! So many things are changing. Except my age. Its the same.

Okayyyy sooo.. the second reason is that I want to write about all these days in my life. Its an important milestone for me and I do want to read these blogs a few years from now and remember these days. Its a beautiful thing to write blogs actually, I mean as I re-read my earlier blogs I can feel what was going on in my life when I wrote that particular article.

Soooo.. let’s get started.

1. Being more… idk.. serious? This is true though. I was much fun before when I was just studying in college. No worries. Just hang with friends all the day, study, read, give exams, that’s all. Now I can feel the shift in my perspective, I am more serious about my career.  Now is the time to do or die. I mean, do or do better. That’s the only option. Keep doing. Keep going.

2. Having less time for other things…. I mean enjoyment. Ummm…. I thought life will be great once I have a job. Like everything will fall into place. I’ll have time for career and also hang out regularly with friends, go on trips, vacations, concerts, have funnn! But…. Idk why it’s not happening. The thing is my friends are also busy with their careers and don’t get much time to hang out together. Also the pandemic and lockdown has made it harder for us to meet. That’s there. But on the other side I’m making new friends at workplace and that’s really good!

3. I realise the importance of weekends. I mean I never realised it before… How important weekends are! Now I look forward to every weekend and plan on enjoying it to the fullest. I also plan outfits for next week when I go to office. To avoid the hurry. #justofficethings

Okayy so even after this rant… Even if most of the things in my life have changed… I still love my office life. Its different, but fun. It takes some time to get used to, but discipline is necessary in our life. And honestly this is the first stepping stone in our journey of life. Its important and needs to be valued.

5 thoughts on “Things that changed after I got a job

  1. SMiLes It’s True Our World Is Designed By Us
    All Of Us To Take Our Child Away Almost From

    When We Are Born

    Child Moves Connects

    Co-Creates Seeing

    Neighbor Child

    New Wonder Now

    Exploring in Terms

    of Feeling Smiles Bright

    As Colors Come To Life Yes

    So Where Does It All Go Does it Get

    Trapped in Screens in Words Locked

    in Emojis As Faces Grow Dull Yes Actually

    It Does Unless We Find A Way To Color Our Faces

    Children of Awe Wonder Again SMiLes Yes i’m 3 Years

    Old Going on 61 Same Leaf Again Feeding Living Tree

    Falling To Soils Feeding me Evergreen Soul Again

    Roots Grow Deeper Touching Where i’ve

    Been Branches Reach Out And

    Touch Moon Beyond

    Stars SMiLes

    Vrunda Glad

    You Are Still Able

    To Color Your

    Life With Office Space..:)


  2. 1. You’ll always be fun Vru.. no matter what the age of responsibility. Just the way you’re fun changes, lol. You’re an absolute sweetheart ya

    2. Friendships take a back seat, not because we’ve forgotten them – just that “another thing” is prioritized.

    Okay, now you’re clearly beginning to sound like a 35-year-old :p but then clearly you’re all of 16 at heart :p

    Goooooood mornnnniiinnnggg Vru 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww… 😍🥺😍🥺 This was the sweetest comment to start my day with. Thank youuuuu Saviooo!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You made my dayyy 🥺❤️ Gooood morninggggg🌼💖

      Liked by 1 person

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