People who are good at persuasion

So, to be honest I am not good at persuading someone to do something.

I cannot even convince my friends to go to the movie I love, which is based on a novel and they are not interested in it because they don’t like novels. Or read novels. Or like to read anything for that matter.

I wonder how life is like for the people who are good at convincing others. I feel like they would always win in any given situation.

How wonderful it might be to always have a large number of people supporting your every move. The people who will be there with you and do stuff with you. Also it would be fun to convince them to do something funny.

People good at persuasion would always get what they want… Wow! What a life! When they get up late and are late for work, they can convince the boss that it wasn’t their fault that they are late. It was because of their slow car. Or because of the traffic. Or because they saw a cute dog on the way to the office. Whatever it is… they are not to blame!

I think the best job for these people would be sales. Where they would be just convincing people to buy stuff and just showing off their charming smile. ufffff! I know sales job is difficult and you get lot of rejections… But what about persuasive people? They can just walk into the room and kinda hypnotize people with their charming self and engaging talks and everyone will buy everything they offer! (At least that’s what I imagine would happen)

They would never have to worry about finding a partner, because they can easily convince anyone to be with them.. Not to mention their charming looks and witty answers would help a lot. They will never have to face the struggle of being single. If they are, they will be because they are tired of dating wonderful people. Oh wait. That does not seem possible. So maybe they won’t be single at all.

Social skills are very important in our life. And because I’m not a very socially skilled person, I think those who are really good at these skills have an amazing life that I can only dream of. I remember this one time I was at a cafe with my friends and they served a very hot, spicy pizza. I had one bite and I immediately regretted it… My tongue was buring because it wasn’t able to contain all the hotness… So I told my friend to bring water for me through gestures… She thought I was asking for ketchup and brought the bottle. Talk about convincing others to do something!

3 thoughts on “People who are good at persuasion

  1. SMiLes Vrunda Working For the Military And Really Never
    Comfortable In Social Situations Either, i Was Nominated

    to A County Wide Leadership Class And True i was

    Just A Bit Nervous; Even Really A Bit Terrified

    As i Always Felt Awkward in Any

    New Social Situation i Wasn’t

    Already Well adapted too And Of Course

    Born on the Autism Spectrum With Asperger’s

    Syndrome; Not Actually Diagnosed until Age 47

    it was Part of my Nature to Struggle More in Social

    Reciprocal Communication And Particularly Uncomfortable

    Even in my Own Skin; Anyway There Were 4 Colors of Personality

    In what Was Named a Sim Soc, Simulated Society; Red for Authoritarian

    Folks; Green For Sales Folks; Yellow For Technical Analytical More

    Cautious Types; and Blue For Artists With their More

    Extreme Moods hehe like We often See in

    The Creative Writing Community;
    Folks Expressing Their

    Blues Anyway

    Everyone Knowing

    i Wasn’t the Best At Social

    Situations That Are New They Assigned

    me actually ‘Minority Status’ As i got to wear
    A Yellow Vest Hehe And True As Analytical Problem
    Solving As i was i got into the Yellow Category, Yet Really

    i was Pretty Close to the Center of the Quadrants For All Four

    Colors and it’s True by About age 53, i Finally Evolved Where i

    Will Freely Do All Four Colors; Yet Again, Hehe it took me until

    Age 53 to Get that Comfortable; one thing for Sure is Social Skills

    Like Any Other Skill Associated With Human Intelligences Requires

    Practice, Practice, Practice; i guess i Finally interacted with Enough
    Folks And Danced And Sung enough Getting The Art to Fit in

    heART And smART Where i Broke Through All the Chains

    Holding me Back; Good News Hehe is You

    Still Have Plenty of More

    Years to achieve

    This Kind

    of Newer Human

    Intelligence Suiting Your Social
    Empathic Green Sales Person Influencing Skills
    With The Assertive Red More Authoritarian
    in Claiming What You Desire in Life Most

    To Come into Being in Your

    Field of Dreams Next..:)


  2. I totalpy relate to you but there is one point i want to mention is that some of these people might not usually be accurate let’s say with sales, they are confident they would convince you but that will make them suggest the wrong thing! Moderate confidence is key

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  3. There is a fine difference between persuading and pushing, and the key to both is understanding the other person’s hesitation.

    A balance approach usually does wonders.


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